Vintage Thingies Thursday, 3….

I love Japanese art. The influence it had on the style of the 1920’s and thereabouts was enormous. Last year I indulged and bought a couple of piano shawls, which show this Japanese influence beautifully in their design.


This one is black with a beautiful embroidered design in coral, avocado and a touch of golden yellow.

It drapes over a vintage dressmaking mannequin (a bit watermarked – but I love it nevertheless):


The second shawl is an absolute stunner. It’s made of the finest cream tulle and is hand embroidered in the most delicious combination of turquoise, gold, coral, pink and coppery shades. 


I found this picture of a young Florence Broadhurst, dressed in a piano shawl. She obviously loved oriental art, and was inspired by its beauty to create some of her wonderful designs.

Florence was a friend of my mum’s, in fact my dad worked for her husband. I remember visiting her wallpaper factory in Sydney when I was a kid. This is how I remember it, except there was a huge roll of red wallpaper that was being printed in gold along that bench that seemed to stretch forever:

Oh dear – that was the 1960’s; I’m starting to feel a bit vintage myself….

Thanks to Confessions of an apron queen for Vintage Thingies Thursday!!


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  1. WOW…those shawls are fantastic as is the photos of Florence Broadhurst, how wonderful to have known her!! xx

  2. I love the photo, women were women back then.

    On another note…
    My family and I lived in Australia for about 22 months. LOVED EVERY MINUTE, we traveled alot! Including the Blue Mountains and the 3 sisters. It was a wonderful vist, with many friends left behind. cheers

  3. They’re beautiful and very delicate 🙂

  4. What beautiful shawls, and in such pristine condition! You’re very lucky.

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