Ruby Tuesday #2 AND Blogtoberfest Day 7

I thought I’d post some more micrographs for this weeks Ruby Tuesday.

This one is a transmitted light image through a pear tree leaf after it had changed to its autumn colouring. You can see the leaf veins as white networks among the pink cells. The cell vacuoles are filled with a water soluble pigment which produces the red colouring:

This is a photo of a coleus leaf showing the mix of green and pink cells which make up the beautiful colouring of these plants:


And, as promised for Blogtoberfest (check it out over at Big Cat’s Emporium), your daily dose of buttons, with a red theme for Ruby Tuesday!



Some of my favourite Art Deco casein buttons, and a great Deco buckle.


Bakelite with celluloid inset, and the red and yellow is a bakelite ‘cookie’ button.

 Ruby Tuesday, brought to you Work of the Poet

  from Big Cat’s Emporium!

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  1. The buttons are so great! Great macro shots in all!

    My RT entries are posted here and here. Happy Tuesday!

  2. I like the red buttons! Nice one:) Mine is posted HERE. Happy RT!~

  3. I like that one with bakelite and celluloid inset! I must join ruby tuesday, red is my favorite colour. Happy Blogtoberfest!

  4. The buttons are interesting, but the micrographs are absolutely fantastic. I’ll never look at my coleus again with the same eyes! Thanks for posting those.

  5. Now I’ve heard of micrographs. I’m going to have to do some research. As always, I am loving your buttons.

  6. those buttons are cute!! ♥

  7. beautiful red entry!

    i read down tothe last post inthis page and i enjoyed each of ur photos. they are solovely and i can imagine how colorful and cute ur collections are.

    mine is an edible red. 🙂

  8. NUTS

  9. What cute button flowers, such lovely work:) Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  10. Fantastic micrographs. Truly imaginative post. 😉

  11. That’s a leaf? Fantastic! It looks like a red giraffe. 🙂

  12. Man you are wonderfully creative!!

    I love the coleus most but they are all fantastic!!

  13. Happy Blogtober Fest, and Happy Pink Saturday – sorry I am late posting but I went through everyone’s blog. I love your photo’s !! Always loved Biology at school so your blog brings back lovely memories of years ago for me, thank you xx

  14. are those buttons over grains of rice? fantastic shots!

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