Pink Saturday, Blogtoberfest Day 11 and a giveaway


Spring is here! I took a walk around the gardens and orchards at work (Uni), and here’s what I found:


Pink evening primrose, Oenothera speciosa.       Primrose, Primula sp.


Peach blossoms, Prunus persica

Azaleas under the ornamental pear trees


Bottlebrush, Callistemon cv.


Flowering crabapple, Malus floribunda

And for our daily dose of buttons, here are a few pretty pink modern Czech glass buttons:



 Drop into How Sweet the Sound for more Pink Saturday! 


In celebration of Blogtoberfest, I’m having a giveaway, well two really. If you like buttons then click here to find out more!

Thanks to everyone who’s already entered – I really appreciate your comments!


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  1. The blossoms are adorable. Lately I’ve been adoring blossoms on trees. Maybe I’m just finally appreciating how simple and stunning they are – and looking forward to the delicious fruit that follows months after. Alas, I have to enjoy them from afar – I live in the tropics where you don’t really see these trees 😦

  2. Happy Pink Saturday, Liz. Spring in your country is just beautiful. I love all the blooms – especially the peach blossoms.

    And, those buttons are absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Happy Pink Saturday! I love the azaleas, and what could be better than PINK flowers? 🙂 Stacey

    Happy Pink Saturday,

  5. I really love those photos. I’m giving away 3 free books, so be sure to stop by. Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. What absolutely gorgeous pink flowers – there’s some more over on my blog, pop over to look. Happy Pink Saturday xxx

  7. Oh those pink shimmery buttons are so beautiful! Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. Gorgeous flowers, gorgeous buttons!
    Happy Pink Saturday…Kathy

  9. It is so wonderful to see Spring right now. It all looks so fresh and cool. Those buttons are awesome!

  10. Pretty flowers. Enjoying the pink posts. Happy Pink Saturday! Hugs, Bobbi Jo-AZ

  11. Happy Pink Saturday! Your flowers are gorgeous! So vibrant and fresh. I especially loved the peach blossoms. I bet they smell sweet. ~ Robyn

  12. I love all the beautiful pink flowers, thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  13. I love those pink buttons!!

  14. yay, there are still some pink flowers out there!!

    Love the pink buttons!!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  15. What could be better than PINK flowers? Love it.
    Happy belated Pink Saturday!
    Blessings, Virginia

  16. Not only are you a button artist, your a photo artist as well! Those flower shots are amazing!

  17. Breathtaking and lovely *pink* flowers and buttons!!!

    Have a lovely week!
    Margie 🙂

  18. very pretty 🙂 thanks for sharing those pics!

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