Blogtoberfest Day 21 and Ruby Tuesday #5

In my ‘day job’ I work with microscopes at a University. I love it because it’s like looking into a world that most people don’t get to see – things look so different. For instance a delicate insect that flits by on a current of air looks like a great armoured tank when it’s magnified a few thousand times. So this week for Ruby Tuesday here’s a few red micrographs, this time it’s fabric under the microscope. The first image is of a piece of magenta / purple shot silk.  Only when you’re this close up can you see that it’s woven in red in one direction and blue in the other.

This is a close-up of colour printing (CMYK) on white paper. I really like the abstract design – kinda retro!


Some red buttons for Blogtoberfest:


Beautiful vintage Czech glass.      Plastic cherries, 1950s.


Chinese vintage cinnabar button.  1950s rose.

I particularly love that square glass button with its plain centre and floral border. The cinnabar button is real cinnabar, aka mercury sulfide or vermilion, not the modern lacquer that now substitutes for cinnabar.

For more Blogtoberfest action visit Big Cat’s Emporium.

Ruby Tuesday hosted by Work of the Poet.


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  1. A fantastic selection of buttons!

  2. Really lovely buttons! The craftsmanship is impressive… Have a good RT:)

  3. the red buttons – lovely, wonderful , beautiful, make me smile. i love red anyway, and to see it done up so prettily . . . i like!

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