Blogtoberfest day 24 and ‘Love Fridays’…

Well who wouldn’t love Fridays! The weekend’s coming up, I’m on study leave today, so working on my PhD (after I finish this post!) and a luvverly bunch of buttons to make me happy!

(Click pic to enlarge)

Oh there’s so many gorgeous things amongst this group – it never ceases to amaze me the variety of designs and materials used in vintage buttons and buckles (I collect those too).

Top left is a fabulous bakelite buckle with three clear spheres in red amber and green. Naturally I call it my traffic light buckle.

Underneath that is a vintage Chinese brass button, c 1920’s – it may have been a bridle button for a horse.

To the right of that, the large pleated brass button with the red centre is a Gay 90’s button (not the 1990s – the 1890s!)

Above that is a beaded button in blue iris.

A marbled butterscotch bakelite buckle with celluloid ‘stitching’ – so much fun!

The black button with the red triple-swirled centre is antique bakelite, but the centre is glass.

The large brown carved button with the yellow centre is marbled bakelite. The centre is reverse carved applejuice bakelite. Unfortunately it has a little chip, but nevertheless it’s a real stunner!

There’s a little clear celluloid button with real shells attached, c 1920s.

A green plastic button with a bunch of grapes in brass.

A beautiful antique filigree brass and enamel button.

Two carved cinnabar buttons.

An extremely fragile and lacy stamped celluoid button in palest green, c 1920s.

Various celluoid wafer buttons in lovely muted tones.

A victorian era passementerie button – black glass pieces on a fine wire frame – amazing!

A stunning cream casein buckle with red accents.

Well, off to do some PhDing – hope you’re all loving Friday too!

Blogtoberfest and Love Fridays brought to you by Big Cat’s Emporium!

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  1. You are truly a mad woman! Thank goodness for truly mad women! Cheers. Loani

  2. Oh, those buttons make my hear sing. They are so beautiful. Cheers Kyla

  3. I love them ALL!! Happy PhDing…don’t work too hard 🙂

  4. you and your buttons – what fun!

    this is random, but do you have reason to know anything about the wiggles? my kids LOVE them. yeah. australia. you know. i’ve learned more about australia because of watching the wiggles. and my husband is certain that our kids talked as early and as well as they do because of the wiggles . . . anyway. it’s late. i digress on the wiggles.

  5. Oh your buttons and your blog are just so lovely. I hope you have a lovely weekend after your fab Friday.

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