Blogtoberfest Day 30 and Vintage Thingies Thursday….

I just received a lovely lot of vintage buttons which I’d like to share with you this Vintage Thingies Thursday.

This is so adorable; it’s vintage celluloid, c1920s. I call it my Esther Williams button because it reminds me of those floral caps that ladies wore when they went swimming:


This is a little clear celluloid button; it’s a hollow dome over a base that has sweet little floral decorations – just gorgeous!


These two beauties are celluloid ‘end of day’ buttons. Rather than waste the leftover plastic at the end of a working day, it was often swirled together with other leftover colours to produce these gorgeous buttons, c1920s.


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  1. These are so pretty! I love the flowers under the dome. If these were on a sweater, I’d worry so much about losing them…

  2. Those buttons are reminiscent of the 50s floral swimming caps 🙂 they’re all gorgeous!! xx

  3. Love your vintage buttons. I have never seen any like this. I really loved this post.

  4. Hey these are great! Especially the first ones and they do look like swimming caps. Did you see Collectors this week? They had some lovely buttons from 1890s (I think). Such a good thing to collect.

  5. you have SUCH. PRETTY. buttons!

    and i’m crossing my fingers that mine come today . . . *smile*

  6. These are awesome. They remind me of buttons my grandma had.

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