Pink Saturday…

A few years ago I found this sketch from the Art Deco era called ladies tool kit. I thought it was great, especially the atomiser on the oilcan – sort of tongue-in-cheek.

A quick search on Google images revealed some contemporary tool kits for ladies:

Couldn’t find any blue ones for boys! I quite like the floral hammer, pliers and screwdriver, though.

What’s your opinion on pink tool kits?

It’s a big week for me this week – I’m turning 50 on Wednesday! (Where have the last 30 years gone?) So there’ll be a bit of reminiscing going on in the blog world this week!

Happy Pink Saturday – check out other fun pink finds at How Sweet the Sound.

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  1. my little girl likes the flower tools . *smile*

    i tagged you today – it’s a very easy tag – check out my post today and play along? thanks.

    oh, and i got my buttons yesterday afternoon!!!!! THANK YOU! i LOVE them! i have some ideas already! pictures to come! thank you again!

  2. My mother-in-law gave me the first pic you have of the modern tool kit for my birthday a few years ago. She said that way my hubby would leave the tools I kept in the kitchen ALONE!! (could never find the phillips head or hammer and tape measure I kept there) Anyway, Kerri saw it, about age 4 and thought it was for HER!! DH decided he didn’t want to hurt her feeling so GAVE IT TO HER to work alongside daddy!!! UGH! Yet another set of tools GONE! (they are indeed as the entire set was left out in the winter snow and they rusted!)
    Sorry so long of a post, that pic just brought it ALL back!
    Have a fun pink saturday!

  3. Oh Happy early Birthday! Love those pink tools. Blessings, Denise

  4. Oh, I love those tools, especially the floral ones! I’m passing this along for my upcoming birthday.

    Have a great Pink Saturday, and thanks for a great idea.

  5. Pretty Pink tools. Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. Happy Pink Saturday, Liz. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

    How fun are these?!!! The flowered ones are my favorites.

  7. This is weird…not just 5 minutes ago, I was telling hubby that I needed to get one of these tool kits. I’ve had several…he always manages to take them one by one…seems he can never find where he left his tools!!

    I think I would really love the floral printed ones!!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  8. Happy Birthday! I thought the pink tools would stay put i my set, too. But, no such luck – the critical pieces have walked off, too. Hope you have a Happy Pink Saturday (and birthday, too) ~ Robyn

  9. I wish I had a set of the tools with the chintz on them! Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. Love those pink tools…
    Have a wonderful & Bless weekend,

  11. I have that floral hammer, love it. I hope you had a happy Saturday.

  12. Happy birthday!

    Im from the Blue Mountians too!..

  13. I don’t mind what colour they are as long as they work well ( sometimes those cute things are a bit dodgie and are not strong enough to work well)
    Hope you have a great birthday.

  14. Those tool kits are cute. The vintage ad is great!

  15. Yes, the atomizer is interesting there. I have regular ugly tools, but would love to have pink ones.

  16. Hehehe, they’re quite funny! I just steal my husband’s stuff – he’s quite anal about keeping it all in one place (me, not so much :P). Great blog! I just found you after buying some buttons from you on ebay, and what a find! I’ll definitely be back 🙂
    Cheers, Bec

  17. Happy Birthday to you!! It’s my 40th the week after next and I’m wondering about those years too. I saw a pink tool kit like this at Whisk & Pin in Katoomba last year – couldn’t resist and bought it for a friend who thought it was very funny. I don’t know if she’s ever used it though. Hope you have a great celebration and congrats on your new book – I’m going to try to get my hands on one as I think I could manage a crochet pattern.

  18. I’ve got a little pink floral hammer- it’s for putting snaps on babies’ bibs, didn’t want to risk getting a big oily smudge from the toolbox hammer. Wish I had one of those pink oilcans! Perhaps you’ll get one for your birthday?;)

    BTW I’ve just posted a sidebar button for the Veg About, it’s here:

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