Vintage Thingies Thursday – Vintage me!

I turned 50 yesterday, so I think that qualifies me to be the subject of this weeks Vintage Thingies Thursday! So what better way to start than to revisit my baby cards. My parents kept all the cards they received when I was born. I just love the cute graphics on them! Most of them are made of paper rather than the heavier card that goes into today’s greeting cards, which gives them that lovely vintage feeling.

 The first one in this group has a little pink padded satin cloud.


 (click pics to enlarge)

 And here’s a pic of me about 48 years ago:


When I got home from work yesterday the florist had delivered a beautiful bunch of flowers. There was no card, so I was left wondering all evening who they were from. Turns out my best friend (who turned 50 last year) sent them – thankyou Glynnis – they’re so beautiful:


For more vintage goodness visit Confessions of an Apron Queen!

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  1. Happy 50th Birthday! Thank you for sharing
    all of your wonderful baby cards and the
    picture of you is sooooo sweet!

  2. thanks for sharing all those baby cards. I am 56, and until I saw yours I never even thought to ask if my mother had anything like that from when I was born. I’ll have to rememeber to ask her. Yeah, you are vintage!

  3. ooooohhhhh i love those ‘vintage’ baby cards…how special to have them, i bet you’re glad your mum kept them! The photo of you is soooo sweet…i love black & white photos, they’re the BEST!! xx

  4. Happy Birthday to you!
    and what gorgeous cards, how lucky you are that your parents kept them.

  5. Happy birthday! Lovely baby cards, good that your mother kept them for you.

  6. What lovely cards! Happy Birthday!

  7. What a great idea for VTT! Love the picture of you, so cute!

  8. i love the pic of you as a little girl – so sweet!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

  9. Happy Birthday! I love the little cards. The vintage one’s are so much better than the cards we see today.

  10. Happy Birthday! What adorable baby cards. Didn’t you just love your Mary Janes?

  11. are you still celebrating? i’ve missed your posts!

  12. Happy Birthday, and what a lovely pic of you looking very important in your mary-janes!

  13. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! I must say that 50 sounds a lot older than I feel!

  14. Those baby cards are so sweet. 🙂 I have all of mine too – my husband thinks I’m nutty for keeping them. But he’s also convinced that his right foot is shrinking so I don’t listen to him anymore. haha. Happy Birthday!

  15. gosh I’ve got all those cards too – my mum is a hoarder but so am I. I think I have every letter I’ve ever been sent – stupid really, who has room for that? Love the pic of you as a little one and lovely flowers from your girlfriend too.

  16. Happy birthday for last week.
    sorry I’m a bit slow, only just read this post.

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