Vintage Thingies Thursday…. more bakelite lovelies…

Its becoming another obsession.  Carved bakelite – I just love it! How can plastic look so beautiful? Here is a group of dress clips that arrived the other day; the colours are rich and they glow with a beautiful translucence. And then there’s the carving! 



The bottom one is reverse-carved and painted applejuice bakelite. The picture really doesn’t do it justice – it’s exquisite!


 I also love laminated bakelite. To me its the epitome of Art Deco style. This fabulous bangle is black and butterscotch laminated together, as is the rather gorgeous buckle.


 Another gorgeous buckle from the 1930s.

For more Vintage Thingies Thursday, visit Colorado Lady!

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  1. i adore bakelite and i think your buckles & clips are fabulous 🙂

  2. what do you do with all your collection…sell or keep?

  3. oooh those are wonderful! I love bakelite!

  4. Such beauties!

  5. Your bakelite is so neat. I never see that around here–in large amounds anyway! It’s usually a piec or two at a time. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh your collection of bakelite is wonderful. That buckle is just a treasure in itself. Great items today. Have a great day!

  7. these are so lovely – from your picture I can just see you in a vintage outfit wearing these. I love the last one. I didn’t know they used to carve bakelite. I’ll have to dig out my great grandma’s sun umbrella one Vintage Thingy Thursday to show you the handle – it’s lovely.

    PS I’ve tagged you for a meme if you feel like playing

  8. These are all so unique! I’d love to hear how you go about finding all of these things in such great condition.

  9. I love looking at all your treasures. So very lovely. Thanks for the offer of vintage tins. I am interested in talking to you about any that you don’t want.

  10. very pretty pieces

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