From the Op Shop #1

I’ve never been a frequenter of the op shop, well not until the last year or so. But now I find myself seeking out the local Vinnies or Salvos whenever the opportunity arises.

Ever since Marian and Loani introduced me to the fun of tea cosies, I’ve been seeking out these vintage treasures. Here’s a few I’ve picked up in the last couple of weeks:



A lovely little knitted and crocheted number in two shades of sunny yellow. The body of the cosy is knitted and it has lighter yellow wavy lines of crochet.


A colourful knitted cosy with a pompom decoration.


A demure little number in beige and forest green crochet. Sorry, beige was the best I could come up with to describe this colour; not ecru, not champagne, not oyster – it really is beige!


So since I’ve decided to start salvaging these little fantasies that someone’s granny lovingly crocheted, I’ve suddenly found myself with a dearth of teapots. So what better place to stock up on teapots than the local op shop! Here’s a couple I picked up at my local Vinnies. The little one is so sweet – just large enough for one cup of tea. I’m going to make a little cosy for him. The large pot, alas, was hit with the ugly stick something badly. I think it looks a lot better dressed in this colourful crocheted chevron cosy:


What do you seek out in the depths of the op shop?

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  1. Damn! I am soooo jealous! Not that I have ever gone searching for vintage tea cosies. Not that I probably ever would. But seeing yours still makes me jealous. They are very funny things tea cosies, even when they are not funny they are funny.

  2. I dont know what you mean – I happen to think the sunflower teapot looks gorgeous!
    and I love the colourful teacosy too.
    I am a great op-shopper! Mainly I look for clothes, but anything else useful really, you never know what you will find.

  3. I collect far too much of everything, teacups I have about 100, tea pots- 10, jewellery boxes of the stuff and furniture! I am a bowerbird myself when it comes to pretty, cute pre loved things. I really have to put a stop to it! I’m glad that to be ‘green’ is now so trendy and the collecting, reusing and repurposing of objects is very much more acceptable. (Although I’m not sure my mother is totally convinced – unless it is something hellishly expensive from an antique store)

  4. fabric, fabric, and more fabric.

    and glassware. and other dishes. i love dishes. and fabric.

  5. hahahaha it didn’t take long for you to catch the dreaded ‘cosy’ bug lol!!! nice little collection too..gotta agree with you, Liz that’s a pretty ugly teapot alright, thank god for tea cosies 🙂

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