Vintage Thingies Thursday – bits and pieces

Welcome to another fun Vintage Thingies Thursday, now hosted by Coloradolady.

I’ve got the op-shopping bug at the moment, and I’d like to share a few of my favourite finds over the last few weeks.

This a great old set of Willow enamel canisters. They’re a bit beat up and a little bit rusty, but I love them. Cream and green – great 1930s colours! The bread bin is enormous!!


This is a sweet little heart-shaped tray made out of painted masonite with green plastic ‘cane’! There’s a lovely vintage decal decoration – actually I bought some more of these decal transfers today but haven’t had time to photograph them yet – flowers and swans – very 1950s! The  jug is mottled green plastic, reminiscent of the old bakelite kitchenware.


Just a short post from me today – i’ve got sooooooo much to do! Have a great week!


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  1. Oh as soon as I saw those green and cream canisters I knew I was looking at another Australian VTT-er! I wish I had some! I’m always looking out for a nice set or even odd ones at the right price … but still waiting. I love yours.

  2. Oh my, you lucky ducky!
    What wonderful finds!

  3. Great finds! Love those canisters.

  4. Those canisters are amazing. What a great find.

  5. Oh my. What finds. All I could say was “you have to be kidding here” I can never find such treasures around here anymore. WoW. Loved all of your items today, that little heart is just adorable.

  6. What wonderful finds. I love the little tray. Happy VTT..

  7. I was so lucky with the canisters – they were $60 in the secondhand shop, but the guy said I could have the lot for $30!! I saw a smaller set of 3 vintage ones for sale in a gift shop yesterday for $180, so I reckon I did OK!!

  8. I love ’50s decal transfer wares-great tray and the trim is too much!

  9. Wonderful vintage treasures!
    Blessings to you!
    Claudia O.

  10. LOVE ’em all especially the big old bread tin…i’ve got my eye on a green enamelled square one which is ridiculously priced, but oh-so gorgeous!!

  11. wow thay are realy neet and i so do love stuff like that as well thay dont make them like thay use to and well i know thay try but nothing can well top them 🙂

  12. Hi there, It has been a very long time since your last post, I hope everything is going ok!

  13. Hi Liz
    Trying to contact you via email. No luck. Mail delivery failure. Can you email me so I can check address. Ta. Loani

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