Vintage Thingies Thursday… Old Buttons….

From time to time people contact me to see if I’m interested in buying their old buttons. Recently I was contacted by a lovely lady whose father owned a drapery store in Sydney in the 1940s. She had inherited the buttons when the store closed down, and has had them tucked away for the last 60 years or so. Evidently her father had catalogued them by attaching them to the back of advertising signs:




There’s lots of lovely interesting old plastic buttons, some very funky 2-piece spotty plastics, and a fair bit of Czech glass. There was also about  a dozen old Sylko thread boxes and these interesting rolls of old fisheye buttons, attached to double-sided tape so the quantity could easily be snipped off. 


So I came home with lots of vintage treasures.

I just wanted to share a couple of pics from my walk around the garden the other evening, white plumbago and snail creeper:



I just love the sculptural flowers of snail creeper – its grown right up into the melaleuca tree and has formed a liane so thick I think I could swing on it like Tarzan … or Jane!


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  1. Oh my! What a fab find! I would be lost for days looking at them. Lucky you!

  2. What a find these are, I wouldn’t want to use them, I love the way they are displayed. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lucky you!!…some more gorgeous buttons to add to your H-U-U-U-G-E button collection 🙂

  4. What a lovely button display and the garden photos are just beautiful!! Take care~

  5. What a great stash that jumped into your lap. Having the buttons on the tape is really a good idea, I’ve never seen that before. I also love your snail creeper, another thing I’ve never seen before.

  6. What a wonderful collection. I could spend days looking through vintage buttons… Happy VTT and have a great day.

  7. I love the way the buttons are displayed, someone went to a lot of trouble to do that.
    what a great find.

  8. I am drooling here at the sight of all these wonderful buttons….I love them! What a interesting way to display them too. Oh, I would love to run across something as cool as this bunch of buttons. Lovely Post!! Have a great week.

  9. That’s a lot of buttons! Those flower pics are breathtaking!

  10. Wow! What a collection you have. Some are like works of art and I saw a cute little green duckie. You certainly have a treasure trove of buttons.

  11. What a fantastic find!
    Your flowers look fabulous. We are experiencing very “spring like” weather so the flowers, flowering bushes and trees are a bit confused. They’re all blooming all ready! Makes me wonder if they’ll have 2nd blooming season come Spring…lol!

  12. Amazing! I have never seen so many buttons in one place, at one time. All are so organized.
    Interesting photos.

    The flowers are beautiful.

  13. How neat that they are cataloged.
    Happy Vintage Thingies Thursday
    from Roberta Anne

  14. Buttons are a passion of mine! What a wonderful assorment! Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous score! Too much fun!
    Blessings to you!
    Claudia O.

  15. I love all the colors and sizes of the buttons.
    A what a terrific find! The flowers are marvelous,
    things I’ve not seen before!!! Great post!

  16. oh those are gorgeous buttons! 😀 and what pretty flowers

  17. Oh good heavens. Kinda puts my sick little button collection to shame. However, I am not envying you 🙂 I am happy that you have things you love!

  18. Holy Buttons….They are great!!

  19. I think you scored with the buttons Liz.

  20. Oh my you are one lucky gal to have all these! They are just gorgeous!

  21. Love the buttons on the ribbon!

  22. Hi – Not sure how I found you, but what a fabulous blog. I’m green with envy at the collection you amassed from the lady who contacted you. I imagine it was difficult to walk away!


    • hHi Sue,
      thanks for visiting. I must get back to posting some more buttony blog posts. Stay tuned,

  23. Great collection of buttons! You could create to high heaven with those!

  24. P.S. I would be interested in purchasing some vintage buttons, do you sell them?

  25. […] Vintage buttons from Bowerbirdz […]

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