Vintage Thingies Thursday…. vintage canisters

Welcome to another VTT hosted by Coloradolady!

So yesterday I took a little drive up the road from work and found a collectibles store that I haven’t visited in ages.  It mostly sold old books, but there were a few other bits and pieces hiding around the place.  Like these:


My mum had a set of these back in the 1960’s (I guess everybody’s mum did!). Unfortunately there’s only one lid, so now I’m 0n the lookout for spare lids! These great canisters are Nally ware, a company that made moulded phenol/formaldehyde plastic (nasty, nasty stuff!!) in Sydney c. 1923 – 1942.

And they also match my vintage buttons:


Sitting right next to them on the shelf I found these:


Two fabulous art deco style canisters made by Bristol, again in cream and red – don’t you just love those colours together! Two canisters, four lids. The extra lids don’t fit the other canisters. So now I’m looking for someone who needs lids for their Bristol canisters.

The set of bakelite measuring cups in the foreground were another find from a few weeks ago. Each one a different colour, and they all nest together!

And the local church fete last weekend had this for $1.


I know the box is broken, but there are so many needles inside, including the thinnest needles I’ve ever seen, less than 2mm.

Needless to say they have all found a new home at my place!

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  1. I love all your containers – how lovely 🙂

  2. Absolutely awesome stuff! (I want it all!)

  3. Some lovely finds..indeed!! i’ll keep a lookout for some red nallyware lids for you, Liz 🙂 i also happen to have a few Bristol canisters [and use them]..ha i’ve also got a damaged [yellow] needlebox like yours [how funny is that?? 🙂

  4. It is hard to imagine finding all of these wonderful finds at one stop. These are really nice canisters. Love the colors, and love the little measuring cups. Great finds indeed.

  5. What great finds for you! Love the buttons.

  6. I love the red and cream canisters, I love vintage items. And the buttons are great.
    I love seeing what you have to offer each week it is so different and nice.

  7. I really like your buttons. When is your next show/fair?

  8. I love your cannisters and the needles..but I really, really love those buttons. Happy VTT..hope yours is a wonderful day.

  9. I wonder if it’s safe to put food in those canisters made from formaldehyde? They sure look great though! I love red!

  10. Needles! Jealous jealous jealous.

  11. less then 2mm?!? o.0 great find though with all the different sized needles 😀

  12. I love the red and cream. And especially the needle box broken and all. What a find indeed.

  13. Lovely cannisters! Oooh, can’t wait to see what you are going to whip up with those needles 🙂

  14. Great collections!

  15. Love your cannisters – could you use the other lids for a shadow box or hang on the wall? Or maybe tuckinto your Christmas decor?
    Love them!
    Paula from Idaho

  16. What a great collection! I like everything, but I really have weakness for canisters, so those are my favorite.

  17. Nostalgia comes to mind…a little trip back in time.
    I’m liking the buttons.

  18. Gosh, I love everything you posted!! Such neat treasures. Take care~

  19. i love the vintagey colour.. cream and red always good combination.. thanks for sharing it and have a great day!

  20. I LOVE YOUR RED CANISTERS, I have alot of red vintage kitchen stuff, makes the kitchen feel homey. 🙂

  21. Hi! I just found your blog. I am a fellow aussie and also love buttons – crazyhaberdasher on button floozies – you have been so lucky to find many beautiful buttons. I (and hubby) also collect vintage sewing items and machines and have four blogs at present. I also have a spool knitter group on Flickr and I am known as mazcrazyhaberdasher there.

  22. oh, i love red and white. i have quite a few bits of it in my kitchen. *smile*

  23. I have a set of those cannisters but in green! But I have only got 4 and although mine have their lids, one is cracked.

  24. I mean I only have 3! I should read what I type BEFORE I press the publish button!

  25. terrific finds…good on you.

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