Vintage Thingies Thursday – vintage belt buckles…

Hi and welcome to another Vintage Thingies Thursday. This week I’m strutting some of my collection of vintage belt buckles. The first one is made of bakelite and has three coloured bakelite spheres, like traffic lights. The second is reverse-carved applejuice bakelite, with the carving highlighted in red paint.

tr lght bak webappj red buckle web

A little number from the 1940s,Ā  and an amazing celluloid buckle that has been cut and draped after the surface was painted bright pink!

cranb clasp webpink cell bow buck web

A so-Deco celluloid buckle in shades of red/orange and a gorgeous red and cream buffed celluloid buckle.

P1010002red buff cell web

More beautiful celluloids – the first is a marbled chequerboard design with lots of bright colours set against black. The second has been made to look like jade.

P1010011green cell buck web

A beautiful ‘cupid’s bow’ bakelite buckle, and a Czech glass buckle with silver lustre.


I wonder what kind of dresses these adorned when they were first put to work. They’re certainly a lot more interesting than most of the buckles that are around today!

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  1. WOW they’re all GORGEOUS, Liz hard to pick a fav though i’m leaning towards the bakelite ones…would love to have seen the outfits they once adorned, mmmm

  2. WOW!These are absolutely stunning. I would love to create dresses to go with each and everyone of those. These are the kinds of items that make seamstresses purr with delight.

  3. I love your beautiful buckle collection. The first one reminds me of Jujubes candy.

  4. OMG this is one of the best collections we have even seen…just wonderful, unique pieces. Congratulations!!

  5. Oh wow – – – these are really cool. They remind me of a belt buckle that I LOVED, before I got too waist-challenged to WEAR it any more!!!

    Maybe I’ll show IT one day.

  6. I too would love to see what outfits these went with. All of these are really beautiful…it is hard to pick a favorite. I love the details and colors…so pretty. Have a great VTT and a wonderful weekend.

  7. that green flower on is gorgeous šŸ˜€

  8. WoW These are really beautiful! You have a wonderful collection!

  9. Wow, I love them all too, what a wonderful collection!

  10. These are absolutely fabulous! You should have these taken away and put in a museum! I am jealous šŸ™‚
    I’ve never seen such lovelies in one collection. Good for you.

  11. What a great collection! These are all great, great colours, great designs!

  12. Can I buy the first one and the other green one? I m looking for specific dresses.

    • The traffic light one at the top is bakelite from the 1930s-40s. The green celluloid one is older. The bakelite one is $200+ and the celluloid is around $80. Let me know if you’re still interested,

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