Family Treasures, part 1…

I’d like to share some of my family treasures with you. Recently my mum moved into a nursing home, and we’ve had to clear out her house so it can be sold.  It’s sad to think that a lifetime of belongings is now whittled away to what she can fit into one room. I hope I can keep these treasures ‘alive’ for others to enjoy. There are so many memories in the cupboards, things I grew up with and things I remember as a little girl, some 45 years ago. My mum is Austrian, so there’s lots of red and white happening….

Firstly, this lovely red and white hand-embroidered tabecloth and napkins.


I love the pretty edging and the spider-web embroidery details


A hand-painted bottle which I just adore. It has the most darling fly agaric mushrooms around the neck, and a stream of faded ribbons under the well-used wooden lid.




A matching cork, the bottle, alas, has long since gone. 


Two charming red leather flasks. I have no idea where these came from – maybe Bavaria? And a cross-stitch wall hanging with a corn doll decoration.


Lots more to come in the weeks ahead, so please stop by again.

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  1. Wow. What lovey important things to own. Amazing how ‘stuff’ can say so much about a person. Looking forward to more.

  2. oh Liz, i feel for what you must be going through right now. The memory of going through the same thing with my mum five years ago is still ever present. My mum passed away four years ago and it would have been her 101st birthday this Monday [22/2]. My sister & I were left to clean out mum’s house after she died and it was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. Be sure to rest up and not overdo’ve had a tough year. My thoughts and best wishes go out to you, Marian xo

  3. Your mum’s collections in red and white are lovely. I especially like the little red and white mushrooms or toadstools and the red leather flasks. The tablecloth is gorgeous.

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