Family Treasures, part 3…. hand-painted glassware

Hi And welcome to another Vintage Thingies Thursday.

I found these lovely hand-painted items in my mum’s cupboard. I love finding these treasures that have been tucked away for years. Of course, they brought back memories of my childhood growing up in, what was then, the outskirts of Sydney, NSW.

This lovely jug has 6 matching glasses. The glass is so thin, its a wonder its lasted 50+ years intact. Mum must have brought them to Australia when she moved here from Austria in the late 1940’s. The white flowers are probably edelweiss.


How’s this for a lovely vase; its about 8″ high and 6″ across, or 20 x 15 cm if you live in Australia! I thought it was a transfer, but on closer inspection it’s hand painted. The cloth in the background is all hand embroidered – see here for more.


Another jug and matching glasses, hand-painted with a grapevine motif. I love the autumn colours.


Happy VTT; visit Suzanne at Coloradolady to see who else is playing.


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  1. All think all your glassware is very nice. You have some great treasures in them.

  2. Your hand-painted glassware is very nice. I haven’t seen things like that here.

  3. THis glassware is beautiful, I love the matching glasses! Such treasures from your family!! Have a great VTT!

  4. I love digging in cabinets and finding treasures at my parents’, too. I love the shape of the glass in the first picture.

  5. Such beautiful glassware. You have a lovely family heritage. Thanks for sharing them.


  6. That is some artistry to paint such an elaborate scene as that second photo. How pretty!

  7. The handpainted couple is just beautiful! What a treasure.

  8. Lovely glassware! I would love to have them all.

  9. you got lovely glassware.. especially the vase!.. thanks for sharing.. happy VTT

  10. What lovely glassware and that is was your Mum’s makes it so very special. Peace, Stephanie

  11. You have the most wonderful treasures,both here and the posts below. Everything is beautiful..and that embroidered tablecloth..well,it’s way past beautiful. That’s museum quality..It’s a wonderful treasure..and I love everything you’ve shown

  12. I love the pitcher and glasses, what a beautiful start to the morning I’d have if those were on my breakfast table! Thanks for sharing!

  13. It is so fun to find treasures at mom’s house! The floral pitcher and glasses are beautiful.

  14. Your glassware is beautiful. I haven’t seen anything like it before. Just lovely. Sorry to hear your Mom had to move out of her house. That is always so sad.

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