Flea Market Finds

I’ve had a lovely time haunting the op shops and the odd garage sale these last few weeks. There are three very good shops just down the road from where I work, plus my local Vinnies always has a jar or two of buttons. Here’s some great goodies I picked up:

Some vintage wooden spoons for $1 each

Corning ware coffee percolator, $4

Vintage tea cosy, $1

Some lovely old tablecloths. I love the retro designs!

Three milk glass plates for less than $5. The top one is a Fireking, Made in the US. It cost 75c. I went into a vintage market in the Blue Mountains a few days later and saw the same thing for sale for $45!!

I just love these – two solid bakelite billiard balls and a little vintage plastic lidded container:

More lovely old kitchen items:

Hope you’ve all had fun hunting down some new treasures. Visit Sophie to catch up on some more great finds!


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  1. I love the Blue Mountains…wish I’d gone to the op shops when I was there a few weeks ago…great scores.

  2. WOW! What fabulous finds you have made. I especially love those tablecloths & that sweet coffee perculator. I love the utensils in one of your previous posts too, fantastic!

  3. Me too. Me too. I went shopping too at the Caloundra Collectibles fair and found an enamel tea pot the same shape as yours.

    Tested. Works. And has a cosy to fit as well.

  4. Wow – your thrift finds are amazing! well done scoring all those fab linens xx

  5. Wow! You sure found some lovely things!! Love all your tablecloths and milk glass plates. Hope you have a brilliant week 🙂

  6. Ah we have so much in common! I too got a tea cosy like yours this week but in pink and blue, and I have the exact same tea towel with the jugs on it. (I don’t put all of my stuff up because frankly it has got a bit out of hand…I would be there for days posting!) It is great to see we share the same obsession and taste. I will look in on this Thursday meme you are a part of. I looked back on your other posts… and your buttons! Lordy! Serious button envy.

    • Hi Nick,
      Buttons are my thing – I have a vintage button business, The Button Bower – cheers

  7. Oh wow! I love your tablecloths!

  8. What a great collection you have found. You’ll have fun with all those.

  9. Glorious haul. I’ve mooched round your stall a number of times next time I’ll say Hi ;))

  10. You have a wonderufl eye for finding stuff.

    My Flea Market Find

  11. Wow, how very lucky to find so many goodies!

  12. Great finds! Love the old tablecloths, so cool!

    U really made are bargain with those plates then.

  13. great finds, Liz! i find it almost impossible to resist vintage table cloths whenever i spot them at the op shops or garage sales..i can’t believe how cheap they are! my mum also had some of those milk glass confectionery dishes. x

  14. Believe it or not, but the other two dishes are also FireKing. However, they are likely to have been manufactured under license here by Crown Corning. I had an extensive FK collection at one point. The top dish dates back to mid 60’s to mid 70s. This style went out of favour at the introduction of microwaves.
    Great finds – love the tablecloths too!

    • Thanks for the info! They are not marked on the back at all, but are so similar to the other one that it shouldn’t surprise me. Cheers!

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