Flea market finds…

I found lots of lovely things at the local op shops this week.

A lovely 50s tablecloth – gorgeous colours, don’t you think?

A brand new set of (vintage) sheets, never used. Love the pattern!

Pretty mauve and green vintage sheet.

Wow – a Carltonware foxglove dish for ….. $6!!! It has a couple of chips on the edges, but I say – who cares! It’s the only Carltonware I’ll ever be able to afford!

A (70s?) carafe with six matching glasses. I have four of these carafes now, and I use them to hold my knitting needles.

Some anodised cookware and a partial set of measuring cups.

This lovely old sheet music, $2. I adore vintage graphics, especially from this era. How perfect is the burgundy and mint on that buff coloured paper!

Don’t ask me why I bought this – I have no idea! Maybe because it’s by Mariana Hardwick . Maybe because the detail is so pretty. Maybe because it was in perfect condition. Maybe because it was only $5.50! I doubt I’ll ever be walking down the aisle again. Perhaps I’ll use it to display some pretty, pearly vintage buttons.

Visit Sophie to see what everyone else has found this week.


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  1. wow! that carlton ware is divine and the veil…it’s so beautiful. kitchenware and vintage sheets…always the most exciting finds.

  2. Hi thanks for looking in at mine finds. I am Loving your square measuring cups – they are most gorgeous. I love an anodised ANYTHING particularly moulds, but am yet to see measuring cups!

  3. Liz, i LOVE all your finds especially the vintage linens and the sweet carlton ware dish. BUT oh my anything Mariana Hardwick is ok by me..even a veil [shock horror] LOL x

    btw thanks for your recent visits & comments it’s ssoo good to be back in the land of blog!

  4. Wow…..you had a super successful thrifty week. Happy Sunday! x

  5. Oh Gadzooks what a bonanza of beautiful finds. Love the variety, your imagination must be running wild. Have a marvellous week full of more wonderful finds 😉

  6. hello liz
    i’ve loved scrolling through your vintage pages! now that veil actually does beg for vow renewals, no? :)))
    cheerio!! nadine

  7. what a fabo haul … i think i would have picked up the marianna hardwicke as well. pop on some dancing music and wear it while you vaccuum! that ought to be fun! LOL
    My Flea Market Find

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