Flea Market Finds

What a great week’s op shopping it’s been. I found this lovely old grinder at the Salvo’s shop near my work. Love the yellow colour! I went to visit my mum in hospital, and on the way back to work I thought “I’ll just pop in to Vinnies before I go back” – so glad I did. I could not believe it when I spied these on the shelf! An almost perfect set of 1950s canisters! They’ll be storing something in my overcrowded sewing room.

I think I hit the motherlode when I looked for vintage sheets for this week’s vintage sheet fat quarter swap. Here’s a sneak preview:

Hope you all had a great week. Looking forward to some other great flea market finds at Sophies’s!


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  1. those ’50’s canisters…. we had them in my auntie’s kitchen when i was small. the grinder is such a pleasing object to look at, don’t know why.

  2. I love it all! Great fabric and those canisters are amazing.

  3. omg look at all that vintage loveliness !!!! i may feel a little green over here!!!!
    i’m having a giveaway if you fancy a wee peek!!

  4. Oooohhh – completely jealous. I found NOTHING this week – nada, zilch! I have to remember to post my vintage sheet fat quarters tomorrow x

  5. those fabrics are amazing! good work!

  6. Totally love those canisters!

  7. Those canisters are fab – we were both very lucky this weekend!

  8. Oh those sheets!!! What a brilliant find…and those cannisters…and tht grinder! You were on fire this week!!! Hope all is well in your world πŸ™‚

  9. What a great oppy week! I’m completely jealous of the canisters. What an array of colours. x

  10. those canisters are gorgeous and to score the whole set, well done so jealous. and what a fabulous assortment of lovely sheets great haul!

  11. Love those canisters!! Thanks for visiting my blog. πŸ™‚

  12. WOW! What great finds. I’m trying to convince my friend to come to Sydney with me for a bit of a holiday and I’m sure if I show him the fabulous things you’ve found in the bluemountains there he’d come round!

  13. oh WOW what FAB finds, Liz!!! i can’t pick a fave coz i love em all!

    btw i can’t wait to see what vintage sheet fqs come my way..hope i get some of yours! x

    • If you don’t we can always do a swap between ourselves. I have heaps!

  14. Wow. My mum had a grinder like that and my neighbour had those exact canisters.

    • Hi,
      yes – they certainly bring back memories!

  15. those canisters are AMAZING! i unwrapped all my vintage sheet FQ’s the other day and yours were some of my favourites!!! i blogged about them here http://greenteaandrednails.blogspot.com/2010/07/all-pretty-flowers.html

    have a fabulous week! KEL

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