Vintage cards of hand-painted children’s buttons…

I know I’ve posted some of these buttons before – but I just can’t resist them! My friend just came back from England and  brought a whole lot of these home with her.  1930’s – 40’s vintage.

Hand painted cowbells…

Mice rowing in a bathtub…

Rabbits bearing gifts…

Baby birds birds cheeping for their dinner…

Big hats, little hats…

Sailors making music….

And my favourites – these beautiful bold hand-painted ducks.

How I love old button cards!


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  1. Those are so cute. I am amazed that there are so many old cards left and that you were able to get so many.

  2. What a wonderful friend you have. All of these buttons are so pretty and different. I have never seen any like them. Of course, I have never been to England.

  3. Those are darling, so much fun!

    Happy VTT,

  4. Adorable and beautiful…little individual works of art!

  5. Darling! Visiting from VTT~

  6. Those are SO fun! I want to sew those on everything 🙂

    Happy VTT!

  7. Those are adorable! I love the baby birdies the best. I’d love to know what you do with them!

    Happy VTT! Be sure to visit my blog for a great giveaway!

    ***Visit my blog for a GIVEAWAY and new linking party!***

  8. Wow, I’ve never seen these before – they are incredible.

  9. oh i LOVE them too especially the mice in bathtubs lol!!

  10. My oh my those are lovely. Yikes, i want those, i also want your friend. Pretty Please……

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