Op shop crawl – or what I did on my holidays….

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted, and there’s a lot of catching up to do! I’m enjoying 5 lovely weeks off work, so I decided to treat myself to a few days away. A nostalgic holiday visiting places that I travelled through many times as a child when on holidays with my parents. And what better to do than to take in every op shop, antique and collectible shop I could find.

First stop was Darcy’s – the big tin shed at Lucknow just out of Orange NSW. I wandered down aisles and aisles filled with an eclectic mix of memorabilia. I came away with some vintage sheet music, a lacy bakelite plate and a colourful set of spice jars

after visiting two op shops in Orange I loaded the car with a fabulous square vintage suitcase, some colourful glassware and a gorgeous vintage cloth in my favourite colours… love that green!

I travelled on through Molong, Wellington and Dubbo and on to Narromine. I seem to make this trip every few years. My partner lived and worked in Narromine for a few years. He was killed in a car accident 9 years ago, but I still feel the need to revisit this place even though it holds only memories for me. It’s still one of the prettiest small country towns I’ve visited.

Next day I took the road down towards Parkes, and passed through the old gold mining town of Peak Hill. There were three antique shops there so naturally I visited all three. In one I found some great old postcards and photos…

and I couldn’t resist the urge to buy this fabulous photo album. The picture on the cover is a bit deceptive, as most of the photos inside were much older. It was filled with original photos, most were 6″ x 8″, some tinted…

I love this sepia one with the turban and dropped waist

not so sure about the colours for this wedding – definitely not my cup of tea!

I was astounded to find this original photo – it’s of Florence Broadhurst, the wallpaper designer, who was a friend of my parents. If you Google Florence Broadhurst, this is the picture you’ll get. It’s also on the cover of the book written about her life and tragic death, A Life by Design.

More finds in Peak Hill…

Vintage bread bin, now holding spuds and onions in my kitchen

WonderfulDoulton plate – love the design!, and some old magnets, some are made of celluloid.

Well that’s halfway through my holiday, I’ll leave the rest for next week!

More great Flea Market Finds over at Sophies”s….


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  1. OMGosh can you tell i’m lost for words LOL!!! didn’t you just have the BEST time and what delightful treasures you unearthed, i so wish i could’ve travelled along with you!
    i LOVE the bakelite bowl, the suitcase, the glasses, the tablecloth & of course the bread bin..mustn’t forget the doulton plate! i LOVE it ALL lol!!

    btw it’s great to see you back..i was getting just a tad concerned about your absence :))x

    • Next year I’m going to do it all over again – you can come with me – I found some great places!

  2. The perfect holiday! what amazing finds, all so beautiful, love the old photos in the album and the one of Florence, an absolute treasure.

  3. Astounding finds, I am in love with those colourful spice jars!

    • Yes they’re great aren’t they? Unfortunately they were filled with old spice, and not the aftershave! Fun getting concrete-like lumps out of them!

  4. Oh Yikes what a gorgeous haul! Good on you! I’m quietly envious of your trip.
    It makes me very sad to see albums ending up in shops yet grateful that someone like you will cherish their memories.
    Looking forward to part 2 of your journey. Hope you have a lovely week šŸ˜‰

  5. sweet girl! what a journey. i enjoyed your trip through your itinerary. sorry about the sad news about your partner, understand perhaps, your feel or want to travel along that way.
    and then.
    your finds!!!
    i mean, hello!
    the spice jars are uniquely beautiful, ofcourse, but that photgoraphic material! i am in eye candy heaven, i’ll have you know!
    cheers for the sharing and enjoy further your hol’s !

  6. Gawd girl it HAS been a long time between drinks.
    Enjoy your 5 weeks.
    The very best

  7. what a nice trip! Hope you took a trailer. Favourite is those spice jars.

  8. oh my goodness! too many gorgeous things to comment upon! LOVING the tablecloth, the spice set and the ballerina pic the most. you are treasure finder of the month with this loot! x

  9. Words fail me. What a haul! Love the bread tin, tablecloth and suitcase. But mostly those old photos – how wonderful!

  10. Liz, what wonderful treasures you found. I would have loved the photo album, too.

    I’ve missed you for Pink Saturday. Your e-mail address must have changed from the one I have because my e-mails to you are returned as undeliverable.

  11. you certainly saw some great things. it was lovely, but also sad that you visited narromine- a hard time for you. then the florence broadhurst photo…quite remarkabke.

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