About me


I’m a button-aholic, formerly a dressmaker, now a scientist! But I love buttons, and I love the hunt!

I live in the beautiful Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia with my two teenage sons and two dogs. In my spare (?) time I collect vintage buttons. I sell some at vintage fairs in NSW and also on my website, www.thebuttonbower.com

Hope you enjoy the blog; feel free to leave a comment, and please drop by again!

Published on May 8, 2008 at 1:37 am  Comments (7)  

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  1. Liz, those vintage buttons are beautiful. I’m always on the look out for buttons, especially of the 30’s and 40’s. I like to incorporate them into my crocheted brooches and necklaces. Should I be lucky enough to win I’ll make you one in your favourite colour!

  2. Hello Liz!

    Thank you! And thanks to your random number generator! I am so excited about the buttons! Yes I will send you pictures when I use them.

    And here is my address, so you can send them my way:

    Elizabeth Patten
    322 E Cedar Ave
    Fergus Falls, MN 56537

    I am going to offer a giveaway on my blog – soon! As a sort of ‘thank you’ – I’ve won two give-aways lately and it is SO fun!

    Thank you again!

  3. Hello
    I just came across your site and love it. I also collect buttons. I haven’t found any great ones for some.
    I hope to attend an auction of all vintage items so maybe will get lucky.

    Janice In Missouri

  4. Oh my gosh! Just came across your website and I’m so excited. I am looking for fastners (?) for childens faux fur jackets also panda buttons. If you have any idea where to go I would greatly appreciate it. Also, how do I order from you?

    • Hi,
      I have a website where you can order buttons: http://www.thebuttonbower.com
      I don’t really have much in the way of buttons for kids. I sell vintage and antique buttons and buckles,

  5. I love your site and learned a few things to boot! Thanks for sharing your life!

  6. Hi Liz. Thanks for sharing your passion for vintage buttons. I’ve made purchases from Buttonbower a couple of times for my own research and blog. Hope you enjoy having a look!

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