Blue Mountains

I live in the beautiful Blue Mountains of NSW, and my place backs on to the Grose Valley. We get lots of beautiful birds in the garden, and I just wanted to share a few pics of these stunning visitors:

A beautiful male king parrot sitting in the tree by my back verandah. He was about 2m away when I took this photo. Such a stunning combination of vivid orange and olive green, with a touch of almost luminous pale green on the wings.

An aptly named rainbow lorikeet.

There is (unfortunately) a big stand of feral lantana in the bush behind my house. However, under the lantana I found this. Its the bower of a satin bowerbird. These birds make living in the mountains such a pleasure. They make the most wonderful sounds; whirs and clicks like a rickety old sewing machine. The males are a deep iridescent blue with mauve eyes, and they collect all manner of blue things. Blue pegs don’t last for long in the peg basket. What did they do before blue plastic was invented?

Up the Garden Path…

I have a path that winds its way through my back garden. I got rid of all the grass and only have trees, shrubs, path and a lovely big sundeck. There are no houses behind our place, just the beautiful bush…

Two of the dogs (Bob and Napoleon) enjoying their ‘walk’.

A native vine (Pandorea pandorana) in bloom, signifies spring is just around the corner!

Mmmmmm.. fruit salad sage in flower

Some pretty mauve iris and forget-me-nots in a shady spot under the mulberry tree.

Pond in an old bathtub.

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  1. Hey it’s great to find another Blue Mountains blogger. We have a bower bird nest next door and leave little blue things out to tempt him. Occasionally our neighbour rearranges them to amuse herself watching him put them all back EXACTLY AS THEY WERE THANKYOU VERY MUCH!!

  2. Wow, I am so jealous! (Here on the east coast of the United States!) I can only see Bower Birds in action on Public Television! I did see a Turkey walking down the sidewalk in the city of Providence, RI yesterday, does that count as exotic?

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