I fell off the Blogtoberfest wagon!

Trying to take on Blogtoberfest this year was probably not a good idea! I’m still recovering from illness earlier in the year, and then my 85 year old mum had a stroke a couple of weeks back, so , well, things just kind of fell apart.

I did manage to get to the Vintage clothing, jewellery and textiles show. Here’s some pics of our stand and the wares we were selling. It was lovely to meet some blogging friends and Etsy team members in person. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.




We stayed in Sydney for the two nights of the show.  Our entertainment on Friday night – the Schlocky Horror Show on TVS, Killers from Space:


We P’d ourselves laughing at the aliens with ping pong balls in their eyes. They kept bumping into the furniture! A very young Peter Graves (Mission: Impossible), the pink guy in the photo,  looking suitably astonished – maybe it was their eyebrows that put the wind up him!

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Blogtoberfest Day 4….


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Blogtoberfest Day 3 … What does one do with all those buttons?

One makes these:

bb allsorts1

bb pink white 1

bb ap blue

bb brown blue1

bb sherbet1




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Blogtoberfest Day 2…I love the Oppy…

I love my local Op shop! Just about every week they have a few jars of these:


Being a button lover, I’m they’re best customer. They call me the Button Lady.


Here’s just a few from my latest visit – these are BIG!

And some blingy ones too:


I always have a quick scout around for other interesting tidbits. Imagine my luck finding this great little red anodised teapot:


And the best part – it only cost:



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Blogtoberfest Day 1, I’m starting it off with a giveaway!

Well hasn’t October rolled around quickly this year. I think I’m still getting over last October, blogging every day for a month! Anyhoo, I thought I’d kick start the festival with a giveaway. Some of you may know that I own a vintage button business,  The Button Bower, www.thebuttonbower.com.

I’ll be selling vintage buttons at the upcoming Sydney Vintage Clothing, Jewellery and Textiles show happening from 16-18th October at Canterbury Racecourse in Sydney. If you love vintage, this is THE place to go. There’s around 60 stalls of fab vintage stuff for sale. Check out the show’s website for more info:  http://www.lovevintage.com.au/

I have a couple of  free tickets to give away, so if you live in Sydney, or you’ll be up this way please leave a comment on this post.  I’m going to draw the winners next Monday, 5th October, after 6pm, so please be sure to leave a comment by then.  There will be two winners, each will receive one free ticket.

Here’s a glimpse of the kind of things we’ll be selling:

3rd Syd VCTS 2 50%

Belt buckles and clasps, bakelite dress clips.

3rd Syd VCTS 3 50%

More lovely buckles – we have heaps of vintage buckles!!

3rd Syd VCTS 4 50%

Bakelite, vintage carded buttons…

May08 054

Mmmmm more bakelite…

May08 057

and more…..


Lots of vintage button sets that we sew on to cards and display on boards.


Beautiful post depression buttons from the 1930s, lots of Czech glass….

Come and say hi! We’d love to meet you!

I’ll be having a vintage button giveaway later in the month, so stay tuned!

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Blogtoberfest Day 31 and Love Fridays…

I do love me a good Friday, and to share some of the lurrrrv, I’ve joined Pay it Forward ~Craft Style~  after visiting Linda’s blog (via Marian’s blog).



3 easy steps:

I will send the first three people who leave a comment on this post a handmade gift within the next 365 days.

I will happily post anywhere in the world.

The only catch is you have to have a blog and be willing to do the same thing.

So if you’re interested, committed and would like to receive a handmade gift from me, all you have to do is leave a comment with a link to your blog!


And another reason to love Fridays: I can say goodbye to this for a couple of days,

And say hello to this –

and this  – mmmmm… yummy bakelite….

For more Love Fridays hop over to Big Cat’s Emporium!





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Blogtoberfest Day 30 and Vintage Thingies Thursday….

I just received a lovely lot of vintage buttons which I’d like to share with you this Vintage Thingies Thursday.

This is so adorable; it’s vintage celluloid, c1920s. I call it my Esther Williams button because it reminds me of those floral caps that ladies wore when they went swimming:


This is a little clear celluloid button; it’s a hollow dome over a base that has sweet little floral decorations – just gorgeous!


These two beauties are celluloid ‘end of day’ buttons. Rather than waste the leftover plastic at the end of a working day, it was often swirled together with other leftover colours to produce these gorgeous buttons, c1920s.


For more Vintage Thingies Thursday visit Confessions of an Apron Queen!! And for more Blogtoberfest fun visit Big Cat’s Emporium!

Blogtoberfest Day 29: On my desk….

 I’ve been reviving some of my crochet skills from years ago – just little bits and pieces that only take a few minutes to complete. I bought a book on crochet motifs which has all kinds of lovely patterns  – hexagons, circles, squares, triangles etc. I’ve been making little flowers and sewing them onto felt circles with a vintage button for the centre. Not sure what I’m going to do with them yet – brooches perhaps?? But they’re fun and easy to make while I sit in front of the telly in the evenings.

 I also made these button flowers, but I’ll have to be less sloppy with the glue. (I don’t mind gluing craft buttons, but I don’t like to use glue on good vintage buttons – I always sew them so they can be re-used).

So I cheated a bit because that was the kitchen bench, not my desk. Here is my desk (or at least, one of them). It’s waiting for me to be on holidays after Christmas so I can clean up all the crap!

For more desks, visit Kootoyoo!

Blogging about buttons every day in October for Blogtoberfest!

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Blogtoberfest Day 28 and Ruby Tuesday…

Welcome to Ruby Tuesday, hosted by Work of the Poet. Some red buttons from my collection today, coz I’m blogging about buttons every day in October for Blogtoberfest! First there’s a cute little vintage wooden Mexican hat, with cotton thread embellishments – painted red.

This adorable red duck is vintage 1950s.

An unusual chunky celluloid button with a black bow on the top…

Vintage Czech glass pierced flower button with gold lustre…

And a gorgeous Czech glass button in blood red with a gold dragonfly design…

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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Oh no! I’ve joined another meme!! (aka Blogtoberfest day 27, Blue Monday and Veg about…)

I found this newspaper clipping generator and thought I’d have a bit of fun (I really do have a degree in Horticulture BTW)! Bellgirl has a meme going called veg about, where everyone can blog about their home-grown veg / herbs. A few years ago I had myself quite a collection of scented geraniums. Sadly I only have a few now, but I will make it a point to search for some in nurseries over the next few months. The variety of scents is amazing – there’s even a coconut scented one, and the lemon balm scent is to die for! This beautiful velvety one is peppermint scented. You can use it in cooking. It’s apparently wonderful if you bake a chocolate cake, then line the cooling rack with these leaves so the peppermint flavour infuses into the warm cake. I’ve never tried it because I don’t like the taste of peppermint, especially with chocolate.

My Kaffir lime tree in a pot, getting ready for all those lovely Thai meals…

Pineapple sage – how can a leaf smell so wonderful?

And bay….

And for Blue Monday and Blogtoberfest (blogging about buttons every day in October), heres some blue button flowers I made last night…