Flea Market Finds….

Hi and welcome to another fabulous week of flea market finds hosted by Sophie!

A fifteen minute drive from where I work takes me to my favourite secondhand furniture shop. I haven’t been there for a while so I decided to pop down there at lunchtime on Thursday. And I was so I glad I did! I think the owner had just bought out an old sewing machine repair shop. He literally had hundreds of sewing machines there. Most seemed to be quite old, you know, the old-fashioned 50s kind. There were green ones, yellow ones,  pink ones –  he hit the motherlode. There were so many they were stacked on top of each other about 8 high. Lots of overlockers too. But what caught my eye were the props:

A genuine Singer sewing machine sign!  And this:

A great display board for buttons that I can take to the vintage fairs I sell at (sorry – needs a good clean!)

And these:

a largish cotton display cabinet, and

two smaller ones.  Needless to say my car was a bit heavier on the trip back to work, and my purse a bit lighter.  The whole lot cost me only $40!!

Plus I nipped across the road to Vinnies and picked up a few more things:

That was a Jenny Kee plate in the front….was until I dropped it and it smashed into lots of pieces. I could have kicked myself for being so careless. I did keep the pieces. Anyone out there make mosaics??

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Pink Saturday – children’s aprons from the op shop

It’s been a wonderful week of op shop finds. Amongst many other things I bought these sweet little children’s aprons. The first is hand knitted in a great pleated rib with a delicate lacy pattern. It’s pink and green – my favourite colour combo, and is reversible. The waistband features some lovely daisy flowers:




I’ll have to find some pretty satin or velvet ribbon for the ties, and I may dress it up with a few vintage buttons:


The second apron is this cute pink bib style with pink crocheted edging. It’s been hand-embroidered with a singing cat, and there is a little pocket which is the cat’s music – very sweet (apologies – it needs ironing!).



For more Pink Saturday goodies visit How Sweet the Sound.

I’ll be posting more of my op shop finds over the next week so stay tuned. There’ll be a couple of pieces of VERY nice deco furniture!

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Op shop finds

I know a lovely lady who works for a charity shop. She found my stall at a vintage fair and she had brought some buttons along to try and sell them. I was so busy that she left them with me to take home and have a look through. I bought the whole lot! That was 2 years ago, and I told her that I’d buy any buttons that come her way. So now I regularly receive a 3kg parcel in the mail. This is some of the goodies that awaited me last week:


Look at that lovely handpainted wooden buckle!

Look at that lovely handpainted wooden buckle!

This one I could probably live without….. it’s a buckle, and rather heavy:
Thanks Julie!
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