Flea Market Finds…

Last Sunday was the annual 50s fair at Rose Seidler House in Sydney. It’s always a fun day with lots of people getting into the spirit of the 50s by dressing up, arriving in some souped up cars and generally having a great time. This year I met up with my blogging friend Marian who travelled up from Victoria with her partner to experience some 50s magic, and of course to take a few tidbits home (well didn’t we all!).. I was so glad to meet Marian, who really got me started with blogging. We’ve been corresponding for a couple of years so it was high time we met!  That’s us sitting on the rock enjoying a coffee.

We exchanged some lovely gifts – funny that we gave each other a load of vintage goodies! The lovely spotted apron with the crinoline ladies, and the 50s tablecloth are just a couple of the lovely gifts I received.

There were lots of fab 50s things to buy at the fair. I couldn’t go past the lazy susan  – and doesn’t it match perfectly with the tablecloth Marian gave me? I also picked up the pink and black shopping bag and the orange, yellow, green and white shopping basket, which I love and have been using all week. I saw so many things there that took me straight back to my childhood, growing up in Beecroft, a leafy suburb of Sydney.


A few other finds this week: buttons – you can never have too many of them!, and this cute little hand-made cosy for a ‘fan’ pack of stocking darning thread. I also found the fab vintage sheet which it’s sitting on. I don’t have many in blue or purple so it’s a welcome addition to my collection.

Well I hope you had a great week. Pop over to Sophie’s for more great flea market finds!

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Flea Market Finds….

Friday is my day off, so I love to do the rounds of the local oppies. The Red Cross hall is only open on Fridays, so imagine my delight when I walked in and found this bundle of vintage linens…

70s style cafe curtains. What a great border print…

More vintage floral cafe curtains…

Two tablecloths in this great retro design…

Here’s some other vintage linens I’ve found. Love the pink and grey…

and the lobsters!

I found these sweet little containers….

which are perfect for my button flowers!

Stop by Sophie’s for more great thrifted finds!

I fell off the Blogtoberfest wagon!

Trying to take on Blogtoberfest this year was probably not a good idea! I’m still recovering from illness earlier in the year, and then my 85 year old mum had a stroke a couple of weeks back, so , well, things just kind of fell apart.

I did manage to get to the Vintage clothing, jewellery and textiles show. Here’s some pics of our stand and the wares we were selling. It was lovely to meet some blogging friends and Etsy team members in person. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.




We stayed in Sydney for the two nights of the show.  Our entertainment on Friday night – the Schlocky Horror Show on TVS, Killers from Space:


We P’d ourselves laughing at the aliens with ping pong balls in their eyes. They kept bumping into the furniture! A very young Peter Graves (Mission: Impossible), the pink guy in the photo,  looking suitably astonished – maybe it was their eyebrows that put the wind up him!

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Blogtoberfest Day 5… and the winners are…

Well it looks as if the winners of free tickets to the Sydney Vintage clothing jewellery and textiles show are Amy and Tess. If you lucky ladies could send me your address I’ll get your tickets in the mail. Thanks for playing along!


(Black glass buttons – aren’t they gorgeous! Just because a post needs to have pictures.)

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Blue Monday #1

 Thanks to Sally for hosting Blue Monday!

I’d like to share with you something that I think is better than fairies at the bottom of the garden – bowerbirds at the bottom of my garden (well just over the fence)! I live in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia, and our local bowerbird is called the satin bowerbird. Males are deep iridescent blue with lavender eyes. Females are olive with lavender eyes. Young males are apparently the same colour as females – they get their new plumage when they become mature. I was lucky enough to see one in the transition phase once.

They build a bower on the ground out of small twigs, and decorate it with blue objects. If you own blue plastic pegs, chances are they won’t last long in the peg basket. They also like pale gold, such as straw or pale yellow flowers. The bower is for courtship, not nesting.


This one built a bower under a big stand of feral lantana in the bush behind my place. The bower is built with the opening facing north / south, and usually in dappled shade where the sun can dance on the leaves.

Here’s some of his collection. Bowerbirds make the most wonderful sounds – whirring and clicking noises like a rickety old sewing machine. For the past 25 years I have had a bowerbirds bower on or near my property. It was a lovely treat to show my kids when they were growing up.

Addendum: D’oh! I named my blog and my website after these birds, as they surround themselves with things they’ve collected – and so do I!!

Happy Monday everyone!

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