Vintage Sheet Swap…

I was so lucky to find out about the Australian vintage sheet swap in time to join in – usually I hear about these things after the fact!

Here’s some of the sheets I sent in for the swap:

And here’s the loveliness I got back…..

Thanks so much to everyone who participated – I didn’t know that there were so many gorgeous designs out there. I was very pleased to get so many blues and greens, as I had a lot of yellow and orange in my stash.

For more vintage sheet loveliness visit Ange, and a big thankyou to her for organising this great swap!

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Flea Market Finds…

It’s been fun to find so much variety at the op shops these last few weeks:

This is a gorgeous, very vintage, cotton pique appliqued pot holder complete with shell buttons on the braces, just 50c! Also a hand embroidered apron…

Some cute pyrex ramekins, anodised saucepan lid and enamel plates…

and a lovely pink anodised sugar bowl from the lovely ladies at the Red Cross…

Hope you’ve all had a great week. Why not hop over to Sophie’s to see more great Flea Market finds!

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Flea Market Finds

What a great week’s op shopping it’s been. I found this lovely old grinder at the Salvo’s shop near my work. Love the yellow colour! I went to visit my mum in hospital, and on the way back to work I thought “I’ll just pop in to Vinnies before I go back” – so glad I did. I could not believe it when I spied these on the shelf! An almost perfect set of 1950s canisters! They’ll be storing something in my overcrowded sewing room.

I think I hit the motherlode when I looked for vintage sheets for this week’s vintage sheet fat quarter swap. Here’s a sneak preview:

Hope you all had a great week. Looking forward to some other great flea market finds at Sophies’s!

Flea market finds…

I found lots of lovely things at the local op shops this week.

A lovely 50s tablecloth – gorgeous colours, don’t you think?

A brand new set of (vintage) sheets, never used. Love the pattern!

Pretty mauve and green vintage sheet.

Wow – a Carltonware foxglove dish for ….. $6!!! It has a couple of chips on the edges, but I say – who cares! It’s the only Carltonware I’ll ever be able to afford!

A (70s?) carafe with six matching glasses. I have four of these carafes now, and I use them to hold my knitting needles.

Some anodised cookware and a partial set of measuring cups.

This lovely old sheet music, $2. I adore vintage graphics, especially from this era. How perfect is the burgundy and mint on that buff coloured paper!

Don’t ask me why I bought this – I have no idea! Maybe because it’s by Mariana Hardwick . Maybe because the detail is so pretty. Maybe because it was in perfect condition. Maybe because it was only $5.50! I doubt I’ll ever be walking down the aisle again. Perhaps I’ll use it to display some pretty, pearly vintage buttons.

Visit Sophie to see what everyone else has found this week.

Flea market finds…

Yesterday my son came home and said “mum there’s a garage sale just a few houses up the road”. So I took a walk up and met my 5-door away neighbour for the first time. He was selling his house and contents, buying a motorbike and riding around Australia before he retired. I felt a kind of strange sadness that we can live so close to people and never even see them or know them. Too busy working etc, etc. Well I hope he has a really great holiday.

Anyways, I bought these lovely retro linens, some pyrex and a few other bits and pieces….

Why not check out some other wonderful finds here.

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Flea Market Finds….

Friday is my day off, so I love to do the rounds of the local oppies. The Red Cross hall is only open on Fridays, so imagine my delight when I walked in and found this bundle of vintage linens…

70s style cafe curtains. What a great border print…

More vintage floral cafe curtains…

Two tablecloths in this great retro design…

Here’s some other vintage linens I’ve found. Love the pink and grey…

and the lobsters!

I found these sweet little containers….

which are perfect for my button flowers!

Stop by Sophie’s for more great thrifted finds!

Vintage Novelty Buttons….

Aren’t these the cutest novelty buttons? I’m guessing they’re from the 1930s or 40s, though the cards look a bit Deco-ish. Each button is handpainted. Too sweet!

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Flea Market Finds

I’ve had a lovely time haunting the op shops and the odd garage sale these last few weeks. There are three very good shops just down the road from where I work, plus my local Vinnies always has a jar or two of buttons. Here’s some great goodies I picked up:

Some vintage wooden spoons for $1 each

Corning ware coffee percolator, $4

Vintage tea cosy, $1

Some lovely old tablecloths. I love the retro designs!

Three milk glass plates for less than $5. The top one is a Fireking, Made in the US. It cost 75c. I went into a vintage market in the Blue Mountains a few days later and saw the same thing for sale for $45!!

I just love these – two solid bakelite billiard balls and a little vintage plastic lidded container:

More lovely old kitchen items:

Hope you’ve all had fun hunting down some new treasures. Visit Sophie to catch up on some more great finds!

Flea market finds – well…garage sale!

This is my first time participating in flea market finds at Sophie’s place. It also fits in well with my regular Vintage Thingies Thursday post – join in over at Coloradolady.

I don’t often go to garage sales. Maybe because I’m too lazy to get up early on a Saturday. Or maybe I find it hard to choose which one to put at the top of the list. Or maybe I fear my house might end up looking a bit like a tip because some things are so hard to resist. But a couple of Saturdays ago I was on my way to visit my mum, and saw someone walking out of a garage sale with what looked like vintage cream enamel bowls. Mental note to oneself – ‘I must stop in on the way home, even though it’s after 1 in the afternoon, and 17 year old son is driving and hates garage sales’.  So we stopped. And 17 year old helped me pack the car with these great finds:

Two vintage leather hat boxes,  $5 each.

A nest of four different suitcases. The largest is leather. It’s in great nick except for a broken handle. $5 for all four. I now have a stack of suitcases topped with hat boxes decorating my bedroom.

Two circular metal tins which I’m told are also hat boxes. I guess they were for picture hats as they are quite large. They’re all rusty but, who cares? $5 for the two plus a couple of old metal biscuit tins. They are on the verandah, under cover.

I was very happy with my finds. So happy that I went back a couple of days later and bought something else. I’ll leave that one for another post.

Looking forward to seeing everybody’s thrifted goodies!

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Vintage Thingies Thursday….kitchen utensils and more

Hi and welcome to another Vintage Thingies Thursday hosted by Suzanne over at Coloradolady blog.

I love old cooking utensils – I don’t have many, but I can see that these could easily become addictive to collect.  The first three in the pic belong to my mum. I can picture coming home from school in the 60s and my grandmother pounding the meat to make schnitzels with that meat tenderiser! I picked up the lovely old egg beaters at a local op shop yesterday for $8.50.

Lovely old scales, rusty metal and faded red plastic. The 1950s cloth was also an Oppie find – I paid a whole $2 for it!

Not really a utensil, but how could I resist showing you my mum’s 1950s lazy susan. It’s missing the bowl in the centre, but otherwise in pretty good nick – I just love the colours. I remember we had a set of plates and bowls to match (if you can call un-matched colours a match). I was so happy to find this in her cupboard.

And lastly , well I couldn’t resist buying this for $2 at the local Oppie – it’s such a giggle. Any guesses to what it could be? I first thought it was a garlic press, but no….

It comes apart into two pieces…..

But what really made me buy it was the explanation printed on one side.

“Distinctive” party ice crusher, complete with its own built-in ‘ice spoon’ (which I’ve only just noticed!)  Hmmm…. small party, or do you buy one for each guest so they can crush their own? Maybe a job for the kids?  Or maybe you start crushing a week in advance?  Certainly different from the one built into my fridge door!

Have a great week!