Vintage Novelty Buttons….

Aren’t these the cutest novelty buttons? I’m guessing they’re from the 1930s or 40s, though the cards look a bit Deco-ish. Each button is handpainted. Too sweet!

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Vintage Button Lovelies….(and Vintage Thingies Thursday)

I stumbled across these the other day…..

Gorgeous vintage buttons from the 1940s and 50s….

Look at those gorgeous colours and superb designs…..

even the cards are beautiful, with an embossed paving stone design…..

These transparent ones look like boiled lollies….

How could I resist?

I bought 80 cards…..

More pics next week…..

Pop over to Suzanne’s blog for more VTT fun….

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My once a year find….

I’ve been waiting for today for a whole year. Its the one day of the year that I can visit a fair where I know there is a great stash of vintage buttons. These beauties are from a shop that would have closed down in the 1940s, and I found the most beautiful assortment of colours and designs. These are made from an early plastic called casein (which is the protein in milk). Mixed with a few chemicals it makes a great plastic, and though it has since been replaced by more modern polymers, it is still made in countries that produce a lot of milk, eg New Zealand. Anyway, enough of the chemistry, check these out!

I love the shape of this one!

I love the shape of this one!

These are magnificent! They’re reverse carved and painted lucite in immaculate condition!

 I literally bought hundreds of buttons today – all on old shop cards. It was so much fun!

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