Op shop crawl, part 2…

Last week I shared some of my finds from my short holiday in central west NSW. This week I’m continuing the blogging journey, kicking it off in Parkes, home of that great Aussie film, The Dish.

Parkes has a lovely op shop, the kind where you can still buy a vintage hankie or some pyrex for 50c. I found a basket of hankies and as I was going through them, the lady in the shop watched as I unfolded each one to have a look. It was obviously a trip down memory lane for her as well as me.

These are nylon hankies with flocked designs, made in Japan. I remember having some of these when I was a child in the 1960s.

As I was going through them, little slips of paper with people’s names on them fell out of the folds… Auntie Annie, Mrs Stewart. I picked out 17  hankies and the lady said ‘that’s $8.50 dear, is that OK?’ Indeed it was.

On to Forbes and Grenfell, and a few vintage linens were found. I love the little gingham apron with floral terylene overlay

I stayed overnight in Yass, then headed for Goulburn. At Vinnies I got these two vintage suitcases for a tiny $9. The smaller one nests perfectly inside the larger one:

3 antique shops yielded some lovely bakelite and celluloid trinkets, including the red bakelite denture holder!.

But the Salvo’s in Goulburn was THE BEST… I couldn’t believe it when I saw this 1950s drink tray for $5, woven in plastic ‘cane’

And then there was this sweet little donkey planter just waiting for a new home. I’m wondering if these really are planters as they have no drainage holes. Maybe they were made to hold easter eggs or something like that. I remember that my best friend had one in her room when we were kids in the 1960s.

I also bought lots of pyrex ramekins and mugs, and some vintage tupperware in green and red which fits in nicely with my kitchen.

I found this lovely Arnotts tin for 50c – it’s not vintage but the picture is. I have exactly the same picture on a rectangular tin that I’ve had since the 60s, and which holds birthday, Christmas and other cards I’ve received since I was eight years old.

And to finish up a great few days away, this little stash of chippy vintage enamel dishes.

So I’m off to Sophie’s to check out the other flea market finds for this week – cheers!


Flea Market Finds

I’ve had a lovely time haunting the op shops and the odd garage sale these last few weeks. There are three very good shops just down the road from where I work, plus my local Vinnies always has a jar or two of buttons. Here’s some great goodies I picked up:

Some vintage wooden spoons for $1 each

Corning ware coffee percolator, $4

Vintage tea cosy, $1

Some lovely old tablecloths. I love the retro designs!

Three milk glass plates for less than $5. The top one is a Fireking, Made in the US. It cost 75c. I went into a vintage market in the Blue Mountains a few days later and saw the same thing for sale for $45!!

I just love these – two solid bakelite billiard balls and a little vintage plastic lidded container:

More lovely old kitchen items:

Hope you’ve all had fun hunting down some new treasures. Visit Sophie to catch up on some more great finds!

Blogtoberfest Day 1, I’m starting it off with a giveaway!

Well hasn’t October rolled around quickly this year. I think I’m still getting over last October, blogging every day for a month! Anyhoo, I thought I’d kick start the festival with a giveaway. Some of you may know that I own a vintage button business,  The Button Bower, www.thebuttonbower.com.

I’ll be selling vintage buttons at the upcoming Sydney Vintage Clothing, Jewellery and Textiles show happening from 16-18th October at Canterbury Racecourse in Sydney. If you love vintage, this is THE place to go. There’s around 60 stalls of fab vintage stuff for sale. Check out the show’s website for more info:  http://www.lovevintage.com.au/

I have a couple of  free tickets to give away, so if you live in Sydney, or you’ll be up this way please leave a comment on this post.  I’m going to draw the winners next Monday, 5th October, after 6pm, so please be sure to leave a comment by then.  There will be two winners, each will receive one free ticket.

Here’s a glimpse of the kind of things we’ll be selling:

3rd Syd VCTS 2 50%

Belt buckles and clasps, bakelite dress clips.

3rd Syd VCTS 3 50%

More lovely buckles – we have heaps of vintage buckles!!

3rd Syd VCTS 4 50%

Bakelite, vintage carded buttons…

May08 054

Mmmmm more bakelite…

May08 057

and more…..


Lots of vintage button sets that we sew on to cards and display on boards.


Beautiful post depression buttons from the 1930s, lots of Czech glass….

Come and say hi! We’d love to meet you!

I’ll be having a vintage button giveaway later in the month, so stay tuned!

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Vintage Thingies Thursday – vintage belt buckles…

Hi and welcome to another Vintage Thingies Thursday. This week I’m strutting some of my collection of vintage belt buckles. The first one is made of bakelite and has three coloured bakelite spheres, like traffic lights. The second is reverse-carved applejuice bakelite, with the carving highlighted in red paint.

tr lght bak webappj red buckle web

A little number from the 1940s,  and an amazing celluloid buckle that has been cut and draped after the surface was painted bright pink!

cranb clasp webpink cell bow buck web

A so-Deco celluloid buckle in shades of red/orange and a gorgeous red and cream buffed celluloid buckle.

P1010002red buff cell web

More beautiful celluloids – the first is a marbled chequerboard design with lots of bright colours set against black. The second has been made to look like jade.

P1010011green cell buck web

A beautiful ‘cupid’s bow’ bakelite buckle, and a Czech glass buckle with silver lustre.


I wonder what kind of dresses these adorned when they were first put to work. They’re certainly a lot more interesting than most of the buckles that are around today!

For more VTT fun, visit Coloradolady! vtt

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Vintage Thingies Thursday – bakelite buttons

Some of you may know that I have a penchant for bakelite.  I’d like to share some of the vintage bakelite coat buttons I’ve been collecting over the last few years. These are all BIG buttons, mostly black or brown, but they have the most beautiful decorations, often in the form of escutcheons.

These two beauties have glass centres, the first is silver lustred.

b +glass2 b + redglass

These two have brass filigree work and amber glass faceted centres. The third is tortoiseshell bakelite with a carved chocolate bakelite centre. The fourth is marbled bakelite with a brass rose escutcheon.

b = amber b + amberb + b P1010046_edited

These next four have filigree or lacy metal escutcheons. Don’t you just love the shape of that last one?

b + swirl b + filigree

b + 2metal b marquis

A beautiful black and applejuice laminated button, with reverse carving on the applejuice portion. And a carved beauty in marbled browns.

lam bk carve bk

So head on over to Coloradolady’s blog for more VTT treasures!

Vintage Thingies Thursday…. more bakelite lovelies…

Its becoming another obsession.  Carved bakelite – I just love it! How can plastic look so beautiful? Here is a group of dress clips that arrived the other day; the colours are rich and they glow with a beautiful translucence. And then there’s the carving! 



The bottom one is reverse-carved and painted applejuice bakelite. The picture really doesn’t do it justice – it’s exquisite!


 I also love laminated bakelite. To me its the epitome of Art Deco style. This fabulous bangle is black and butterscotch laminated together, as is the rather gorgeous buckle.


 Another gorgeous buckle from the 1930s.

For more Vintage Thingies Thursday, visit Colorado Lady!

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Vintage Thingies Thursday…Deco furniture…

Deco furniture – I love it! The other day I had to drive to another campus of the uni I work for.  I only had to be there for 10 minutes, so I decided to make the trip worthwhile. It just happened that I had to drive right past my favourite secondhand furniture shop. There were some fabulous Art Deco pieces salvaged from old houses in Sydney. I just couldn’t resist this fabulous piece! $100, but it was worth buying for the handles alone! They were in mint condition, cream celluloid, shapely and beautiful.


There’s also a little display area where I can put some fabulous deco bakelite pieces.


Look at the veneer on the doors, and that beautiful deco inset.



I’m thinking that some of these will look great displayed in my new cabinet!


I also bought a deco dressing table, which I’m picking up this afternoon – might post that next week.

For more Vintage Thingies Thursday visit Colorado Lady!  Have a great week!

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Vintage Thingies Thursday: Bakelite dress clips…

 I love bakelite. I collect bakelite buttons, buckles, dress clips, brooches and bracelets. It looks amazing whether intricately carved or minimalist and stylish. This week I’d like to share some of my bakelite dress clips with you. These were popular during the 1930s-40s, worn on sweetheart necklines.

yell-bak-dclips-web p1010070_edited

Two beautiful examples of Deco design at its best – a pair of marbled yellow clips, and a lotus-shaped clip in black with reverse-carved applejuice bakelite.

p1010053_edited red-deco

Two very different, but very stylish red and yellow clips. The first one has a painted-on design in yellow. It was quite common to find painted details on bakelite pieces.

 revcarv-clip leaf-clip-web

Two more naturalistic clips. The first is reverse-carved applejuice bakelite which has been painted in the carvings on the back. The second a gorgeous brown and butterscotch leaf.

I don’t think I could really pick a favourite out of these; how about you?

For more Vintage Thingies Thursday visit Confessions of an Apron Queen 


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Blogtoberfest – a button a day #1

I discovered Blogtoberfest over at Big Cat’s Emporium, and couldn’t resist the challenge.  The idea is to post to your blog every day in October. So I figured that I could do a ‘button a day’ post from my collection, with (hopefully) a bit of interesting or weird or funny or even educational info to boot.

So here we go:

 Here’s some fun bakelite buttons from the 1930s. They’re called realistics, or figurals or goofies depending on your preference. They were made in all sorts of fun designs like the cute wishbone and horseshoe. But my favourites are this fabulous set of bakelite screws, each one a different colour. I guess after the hard years of the Great Depression, a bit of light-hearted humour was a good thing!




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