Button entropy

I decided to call the first post on my blog “Button Entropy”, partly because I am addicted to, obsessed with and inspired by buttons; partly because I am also a scientist and we’ve playing around with scientific words on a science-inspired art thread I belong to; and partly because entropy perfectly describes the way my house has become since I started collecting buttons.

Some web definitions of entropy:

“Quantitative measure of the disorder of a system. The greater the disorder, the higher the entropy.”

“Entropy is a measure of energy that is expended in a physical system but does no useful work, and tends to decrease the organizational order of the system.”

This is the high level of entropy in my house:

Dining room table


Spare??  room


 Another spare room!!

Enough said. Lets talk more about buttons. I adore vintage buttons. I love the workmanship and detail that went into creating them. I love that they weren’t spat out by the thousands in a production line. I love that you can pick up a beautiful old button and feel the history there, imagine the clothing it adorned and the person who wore it. And I love that you can still wear it today on a contemporary piece of clothing.

Over the past few years I have amassed literally thousands and thousands of vintage buttons, and every time I buy another lot, I can still find something I’ve never seen before. It’s like owning a miniature art collection. So it’s time time to share some of my treasures with like-minded enthusiasts. I’ll be posting images and related information on lots of different types of buttons over the coming months. So grab a cup of your favourite beverage, sit back and enjoy!

Well, a good place to start off would be to show you my favourite buttons. It’s a difficult job to single out a top favourite, but these wonderful black and cream 1920s buttons are up there with the best of them. They’re made of celluloid, and are so Deco!


So if you have some favourites to share, drop me a line!

And happy birthday to my mum – 84 candles today!

Until next time – cheers!

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