Blogtoberfest Day 6…Cast Off

I’ve been knitting up a storm lately. Knitting is one of those things that I’ve been doing for years, but not on a regular basis. I can go 2 or 3 years without picking up a knitting needle, then I get a burst of inspiration and I can’t put them down. I just finished this cardigan / bolero. It’s a pattern called ‘the Fan’ by Marian Isager from her book Japanese Inspired knits. I made a long sleeved version (which I need to photograph) and I like it so much that I made a short sleeved one. I rarely knit the same pattern twice but this was a really interesting knit. Its in a bamboo yarn in the most beautiful bluey-green lightly mottled colouring. I just love it!



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Knitting Therapy

For those who read my previous post, you’ll know that I recently spent some time in hospital. The legacy of that episode has left me with a lot of numbness in my left arm, and some very shaky fine motor control. It took me about 4 weeks to gather up the courage to see if I could still knit. I can tell you it was a very happy moment when I took up the needles and found that I could! So I’ve been knitting up a storm whilst recuperating.

My first effort: A diagonal piece that will eventually have a partner and live out a happy life as a tea cosy (Cleckheaton Vintage Hues wool): 


Another tea cosy improvised from the Mason Dixon ballband dishcloth pattern. I think it has a lovely vintage feel to it. Just needs to be sewn up and embellished….


The beginnings of a mitred throw  in purple, blue and green hues:


I finished my Noro Silk Garden diagonal garter stitch scarf:


I said I’d never knit socks, but………

All that lovely sock wool out there. How could I just window shop?


I modified the K2 P2 rib into a lacy rib for the multi coloured pair.

I’m sure all this knitting is good Occupational Therapy.

I’m feeling a lot better this week, even went back to work 2 part days. Still lots of free time for knitting. Thanks for all your good wishes – it makes such a difference!

cheers, Liz

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On my Desk, and another Happy Birthday….


Welcome to On My Desk, hosted by Kootooyou. A change of desk for me today – the lounge is my desk, where I’m knitting whimsical teacosies.  So I’ve got a big stash of interesting wool, a copy of Wild Tea Cosies by Loani Prior that I won in a Blogtoberfest giveaway (thankyou Loani !!), my favourite dog, something good on the telly – now just grab a cup of Earl Grey and I’m set for some serious knitting!




Op shop chevron tea cosy for added inspiration.

my1st-tcosy4 my1st-tcosy1 

And here’s my first attempt. simple yet stylish polo-neck adorned with a single pom pom in Moda Vera ‘Confetto’ – quick, easy and fun!

Today my firstborn turns 18! Happy Birthday Glen! Many more happy years ahead!

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Blogtoberfest Day 15 – Does anyone out there understand knitspeak?

I’ve been on a bit of a pilgrimage (ha!!) over the last few weeks visiting lots of blogs, and the variety has been wonderful! But I have to say that the knitting blogs have got me stumped. Don’t get me wrong – I love knitting, and was taught to knit (the European way) by my Polish grandma before I was old enough to go to school. I made myself a fair isle vest in high school out of Bluebell crepe. And I’ve churned out jumpers and socks and baby clothes and shawls. But I’m having trouble with the new ‘language’ of knitting.

Being a dressmaker, I always thought a frog was a fastening on a Chinese garment, but no it seems to mean unravelling something when you’re not happy with it. OK, I’ve mastered WIPs and FOs too.

But could someone please explain to me what a clapotis is? I thought it was some kind of French dessert, but alas no, thats a clafoutis:

And what’s KAL (Potassium aluminium …??) and MS4 (Manganese tetrasulphate??) – there goes my nerdy scientific side.

But I really would like to know what a clapotis is (are??)


So for todays button hit I thought I’d show you some fabulous Australian hardwood buttons that I found a couple of months ago – I reckon they’d look great on hand knitted garments:


These have the most beautiful grain.


These two are huge: 9cm, 10cm!!

Love these rustic hearts!

Join in the Blogtoberfest fun over at Big Cat’s Emporium!

Don’t forget to leave a comment on my earlier post if you want to enter my vintage button giveaway, being drawn Sat evening 18th October.

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