7 Random facts about me…

I’ve been tagged by Marion to divulge 7 random facts about myself.

So let’s start at the beginning.

1. When I was born, my left arm was paralysed (Erb’s palsy). It was in a cast for 6 weeks (my mum still has that souvenir!). Thankfully, after 3 months of physiotherapy that my dad carried out, my arm started to work. Aside from looking a bit odd when I exercise, you wouldn’t even know I’d had an injury. I’m extremely grateful that the physio worked, as I’m told that many people with that kind of injury don’t get the use of their arm back.

2.  I have an irrational fear of cats. I remember being chased screaming around the yard when I was three by a terrorist kitten called Fluffy. My best friend’s brother took full advantage of my fear by constantly picking up their cat Molly, and flinging her in my face, claws outstretched, whenever he got the opportunity. And one day my brother’s cat, Wussy, decided to leap on my back and hang there using all its claws. You could hear my screams and expletives for miles… I’m now the happy owner of three dogs, Penny, Napoleon and Bob.

                                                      Terrorist cat!!!!

3. I spent my 21st birthday in Bali. A group of us went on a bus tour  that day, and there was a mad rush for the toilets when we got to our destination. I was the only one who didn’t have Bali Belly.

4. Ever since I was little I’ve wanted to visit East Africa, particularly Tanzania and Kenya. I even started to learn how to speak Swahili. I’ve travelled a lot in Asia, but haven’t got to Africa yet. Maybe one day ….

 Jambo na karibuni kwa yangu blog!

5. After spending most of my early working days as a dressmaker, supplemented with some clerical work, I had a mid-life crisis and became a scientist. After graduating with a B. App. Sci. Horticulture, I went back for more and got 1st class Honours. Then I did a Grad. Dip. in Microscopy and Microanalysis, and I’m now about halfway through my PhD. I might stop for a while after that….

That’s me in the pic.

6. Later this year I’ll be turning 50. I’m planning on getting a tattoo – something nerdy to do with plant cells, I think. Maybe a row of buttons down my back. I’m gonna send a picture here.


7. I love latin dancing. Its about the only type of exercise I really enjoy (well, nearly). Now that the kids have grown up. I’ll have to find a studio close by so I can take it up again. Preferably one where the instructor is tall. My last instructor was about 5′ tall (I’m 6″ tall). Very difficult to dance with a short man. Why are there so many short men in Australia?

Thats not me in the pic.

 OK – now you know some of my deep dark secrets. Here’s seven people that I’d like to know more about: Mandy, Tess, Amanda, Jennifer, Claire, Analise and Leanne.

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