Blogtoberfest Day 17, a meme and more buttons….

I’ve been tagged by Amy to divulge 6 random bits of information about myself.

The rules:
– Link to the person who tagged you
– Mention the rules
– Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular or random details about yourself
– Tag six other bloggers by linking to them
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I did a similar post a few weeks ago. You can read about it here: 7 random facts about me.

But here’s another six anyway:

1. When I was two I managed to upend a big can of paint over myself…. the oil-based kind of paint… you know, the stuff that only comes out with turps…. eyes, nose, ears, mouth, hair….

2. My favourite colour is green

3. I would rather give birth than go to the dentist

4. There are certain plants that I cut the flowers off because I prefer the foliage. One is wormwood, Artemisia absinthium, which is used to flavour absinth, and also used medicinally, including as a treatment for worms hence the name. I love its velvety, silver leaves, but I don’t like its yellow flowers.

This is another one, Hypoestes (polka dot plant) that I prefer the leaves to the flowers:

4. I was stung on the foot by a scorpion in the hallway of our house when I first moved to the Blue Mountains. I’ve been stung by bees, bullants etc, but a scorpion packs a wallop – its the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. My star sign is Scorpio, funnily enough.

5. Some of the jobs I’ve had: working in a milk bar a fabric shop and a bookshop, payroll clerk, balancing cash registers in a major department store – this bored me s#!tless – the only thing to look forward to was the to balance the next cash register – aaaagh!!! Worked in a nursery, edited questionnaires for a market research company, had my own dressmaking business, now I work in scientific research at a Uni.

6. I had a brief brush with fame when Cate Blanchett and family came into my stall at the last vintage fair I went to at Hunters Hill in Sydney.


More buttons for Blogtoberfest: These are a few of my favourite flower buttons. The first three are celluloid and date from around the 1920s. The last one is plastic from the 1960s. They’re all very fragile, but beautifully detailed.





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