Pink Saturday – children’s aprons from the op shop

It’s been a wonderful week of op shop finds. Amongst many other things I bought these sweet little children’s aprons. The first is hand knitted in a great pleated rib with a delicate lacy pattern. It’s pink and green – my favourite colour combo, and is reversible. The waistband features some lovely daisy flowers:




I’ll have to find some pretty satin or velvet ribbon for the ties, and I may dress it up with a few vintage buttons:


The second apron is this cute pink bib style with pink crocheted edging. It’s been hand-embroidered with a singing cat, and there is a little pocket which is the cat’s music – very sweet (apologies – it needs ironing!).



For more Pink Saturday goodies visit How Sweet the Sound.

I’ll be posting more of my op shop finds over the next week so stay tuned. There’ll be a couple of pieces of VERY nice deco furniture!

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Pink Saturday…

A few years ago I found this sketch from the Art Deco era called ladies tool kit. I thought it was great, especially the atomiser on the oilcan – sort of tongue-in-cheek.

A quick search on Google images revealed some contemporary tool kits for ladies:

Couldn’t find any blue ones for boys! I quite like the floral hammer, pliers and screwdriver, though.

What’s your opinion on pink tool kits?

It’s a big week for me this week – I’m turning 50 on Wednesday! (Where have the last 30 years gone?) So there’ll be a bit of reminiscing going on in the blog world this week!

Happy Pink Saturday – check out other fun pink finds at How Sweet the Sound.

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Blogtoberfest day 25 and Pink Saturday…

Well its been a lovely spring day in the Blue mountains, and I’ve been outside in the garden doing some pruning and some weeding. The trees have their new flush of leaves, and many of our Aussie trees get this beautiful pink new growth. It’s lovely to look at but also serves a purpose, acting as a sunscreen to protect the new growth:


Todays buttons for Blogtoberfest are these cute kids buttons from the 1950s. I bought them (and about 4 kilos more!) from a lady whose mum and grandmother used to sew them onto shop cards to raise extra money for the family during the 1950s.



These sweet little flowers have a pearly lustre.


For more Blogtoberfest goodies visit Big Cat’s Emporium. For more Pink Saturday visit How Sweet the Sound!

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Blogtoberfest Day 18 and Pink Saturday…

A quick post today for Pink Saturday, as I’m off to the Vintage Clothing Jewellery and Textiles show to sell buttons.

This is one of the most bizarre buttons I’ve ever seen. It’s made of celluloid and has little bumps all over it. Each little bump is covered with a pronged brass cap. Amazingly intricate for a button, it dates from circa 1920s.


It’s been said that celluloid buttons are amongst the most beautiful ever made, and also the ugliest.

What do you think of this one – like it or loathe it?

Big Cat’s Emporium is hosting Blogtoberfest – a post a day during October!

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Pink Saturday, Blogtoberfest Day 11 and a giveaway


Spring is here! I took a walk around the gardens and orchards at work (Uni), and here’s what I found:


Pink evening primrose, Oenothera speciosa.       Primrose, Primula sp.


Peach blossoms, Prunus persica

Azaleas under the ornamental pear trees


Bottlebrush, Callistemon cv.


Flowering crabapple, Malus floribunda

And for our daily dose of buttons, here are a few pretty pink modern Czech glass buttons:



 Drop into How Sweet the Sound for more Pink Saturday! 


In celebration of Blogtoberfest, I’m having a giveaway, well two really. If you like buttons then click here to find out more!

Thanks to everyone who’s already entered – I really appreciate your comments!

Pink Saturday AND Blogtoberfest day 4

Well it’s over at How Sweet the Sound, and it’s day 4 of over at Big Cat’s Emporium. So today I’m going to blog about pink buttons and what I do with ’em. Because I collect vintage buttons, I buy jars and boxes full and end up with lots of buttons that are good for crafting, but not so good for collecting. So I’ve been trying out ways of using them as focal points in projects. I hardly ever use glue – mostly I sew or wire them, so that they can be reused at a later time.

These are vintage dyed shell buttons given a new lease of life on these pretty cherry blossom embellishments.


I started off making charm bracelets with beads and vintage buttons.


Button necklaces. These plain little buttons look really nice all strung together, and can look very elegant as a piece of jewellery…


Hair comb, brooches and barrettes made with ribbons and vintage buttons….


And vintage button flowers……..

Look forward to catching up with you in the week ahead!



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Pink Saturday #1


Welcome to Pink Saturday! I love buttons, so here’s a few pink buttons from my stash:


Glass buttons, the first one is pierced.


 Barbie, and vintage confetti lucite.


Beautiful cut celluloid.


Cute children’s buttons from the 1950’s.


1950’s flower, and antique MOP set in metal.


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