Pink Saturday #1


Welcome to Pink Saturday! I love buttons, so here’s a few pink buttons from my stash:


Glass buttons, the first one is pierced.


 Barbie, and vintage confetti lucite.


Beautiful cut celluloid.


Cute children’s buttons from the 1950’s.


1950’s flower, and antique MOP set in metal.


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Vintage Thingies Thursday 5….

Thanks to Confessions of an Apron Queen for VTT.

This week I’d like to share a lovely symbol of harder times – Depression glass. You may know that I have a fondness for pink and green; and these are the two colours of Depression glass that I collect.


According to Wikipedia, Depression glass was manufactured by a number of glass companies in the US, and was added to boxes of food as an incentive to buy, or was handed to patrons when they went to the movies.


It was also made in clear, amber and blue colours, but my favourites are pink and green. I have a small collection on my dressing table; I particularly love the translucent jadeite vase.

You can also find vintage buttons in the same colours as Depression glass. I don’t think they were manufactured in the US – most glass buttons seem to come from the Czech Republic – I’ll have to research this a bit more!



Some of my “Depression glass” buttons!

Cheers til next week!

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Vintage Thingies Thursday (2)

I have a penchant for things pink and green.  To me those colours epitomise spring, and I always look forward to the balmy weather and longer daylight hours after the starkness of winter. So when I find a pretty keepsake in those colours, I add it to my little stash:

 A few pieces of pink and green china, some chipped, but all lovely!


Pansy milk jug..


A pretty dish…

A marble glazed vase…


This is a pretty little thingy to hang on the wall…

Spring – bring it on!!

Thanks to Confessions of an Apron Queen for Vintage Thingies Thursday!

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