Op shop crawl, part 2…

Last week I shared some of my finds from my short holiday in central west NSW. This week I’m continuing the blogging journey, kicking it off in Parkes, home of that great Aussie film, The Dish.

Parkes has a lovely op shop, the kind where you can still buy a vintage hankie or some pyrex for 50c. I found a basket of hankies and as I was going through them, the lady in the shop watched as I unfolded each one to have a look. It was obviously a trip down memory lane for her as well as me.

These are nylon hankies with flocked designs, made in Japan. I remember having some of these when I was a child in the 1960s.

As I was going through them, little slips of paper with people’s names on them fell out of the folds… Auntie Annie, Mrs Stewart. I picked out 17  hankies and the lady said ‘that’s $8.50 dear, is that OK?’ Indeed it was.

On to Forbes and Grenfell, and a few vintage linens were found. I love the little gingham apron with floral terylene overlay

I stayed overnight in Yass, then headed for Goulburn. At Vinnies I got these two vintage suitcases for a tiny $9. The smaller one nests perfectly inside the larger one:

3 antique shops yielded some lovely bakelite and celluloid trinkets, including the red bakelite denture holder!.

But the Salvo’s in Goulburn was THE BEST… I couldn’t believe it when I saw this 1950s drink tray for $5, woven in plastic ‘cane’

And then there was this sweet little donkey planter just waiting for a new home. I’m wondering if these really are planters as they have no drainage holes. Maybe they were made to hold easter eggs or something like that. I remember that my best friend had one in her room when we were kids in the 1960s.

I also bought lots of pyrex ramekins and mugs, and some vintage tupperware in green and red which fits in nicely with my kitchen.

I found this lovely Arnotts tin for 50c – it’s not vintage but the picture is. I have exactly the same picture on a rectangular tin that I’ve had since the 60s, and which holds birthday, Christmas and other cards I’ve received since I was eight years old.

And to finish up a great few days away, this little stash of chippy vintage enamel dishes.

So I’m off to Sophie’s to check out the other flea market finds for this week – cheers!


Flea Market Finds…

It’s been fun to find so much variety at the op shops these last few weeks:

This is a gorgeous, very vintage, cotton pique appliqued pot holder complete with shell buttons on the braces, just 50c! Also a hand embroidered apron…

Some cute pyrex ramekins, anodised saucepan lid and enamel plates…

and a lovely pink anodised sugar bowl from the lovely ladies at the Red Cross…

Hope you’ve all had a great week. Why not hop over to Sophie’s to see more great Flea Market finds!

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Flea market finds…

Yesterday my son came home and said “mum there’s a garage sale just a few houses up the road”. So I took a walk up and met my 5-door away neighbour for the first time. He was selling his house and contents, buying a motorbike and riding around Australia before he retired. I felt a kind of strange sadness that we can live so close to people and never even see them or know them. Too busy working etc, etc. Well I hope he has a really great holiday.

Anyways, I bought these lovely retro linens, some pyrex and a few other bits and pieces….

Why not check out some other wonderful finds here.

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