Knitting Therapy

For those who read my previous post, you’ll know that I recently spent some time in hospital. The legacy of that episode has left me with a lot of numbness in my left arm, and some very shaky fine motor control. It took me about 4 weeks to gather up the courage to see if I could still knit. I can tell you it was a very happy moment when I took up the needles and found that I could! So I’ve been knitting up a storm whilst recuperating.

My first effort: A diagonal piece that will eventually have a partner and live out a happy life as a tea cosy (Cleckheaton Vintage Hues wool): 


Another tea cosy improvised from the Mason Dixon ballband dishcloth pattern. I think it has a lovely vintage feel to it. Just needs to be sewn up and embellished….


The beginnings of a mitred throw  in purple, blue and green hues:


I finished my Noro Silk Garden diagonal garter stitch scarf:


I said I’d never knit socks, but………

All that lovely sock wool out there. How could I just window shop?


I modified the K2 P2 rib into a lacy rib for the multi coloured pair.

I’m sure all this knitting is good Occupational Therapy.

I’m feeling a lot better this week, even went back to work 2 part days. Still lots of free time for knitting. Thanks for all your good wishes – it makes such a difference!

cheers, Liz

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