Flea Market Finds

I’ve had a lovely time haunting the op shops and the odd garage sale these last few weeks. There are three very good shops just down the road from where I work, plus my local Vinnies always has a jar or two of buttons. Here’s some great goodies I picked up:

Some vintage wooden spoons for $1 each

Corning ware coffee percolator, $4

Vintage tea cosy, $1

Some lovely old tablecloths. I love the retro designs!

Three milk glass plates for less than $5. The top one is a Fireking, Made in the US. It cost 75c. I went into a vintage market in the Blue Mountains a few days later and saw the same thing for sale for $45!!

I just love these – two solid bakelite billiard balls and a little vintage plastic lidded container:

More lovely old kitchen items:

Hope you’ve all had fun hunting down some new treasures. Visit Sophie to catch up on some more great finds!


Knitting Therapy

For those who read my previous post, you’ll know that I recently spent some time in hospital. The legacy of that episode has left me with a lot of numbness in my left arm, and some very shaky fine motor control. It took me about 4 weeks to gather up the courage to see if I could still knit. I can tell you it was a very happy moment when I took up the needles and found that I could! So I’ve been knitting up a storm whilst recuperating.

My first effort: A diagonal piece that will eventually have a partner and live out a happy life as a tea cosy (Cleckheaton Vintage Hues wool): 


Another tea cosy improvised from the Mason Dixon ballband dishcloth pattern. I think it has a lovely vintage feel to it. Just needs to be sewn up and embellished….


The beginnings of a mitred throw  in purple, blue and green hues:


I finished my Noro Silk Garden diagonal garter stitch scarf:


I said I’d never knit socks, but………

All that lovely sock wool out there. How could I just window shop?


I modified the K2 P2 rib into a lacy rib for the multi coloured pair.

I’m sure all this knitting is good Occupational Therapy.

I’m feeling a lot better this week, even went back to work 2 part days. Still lots of free time for knitting. Thanks for all your good wishes – it makes such a difference!

cheers, Liz

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From the Op Shop #1

I’ve never been a frequenter of the op shop, well not until the last year or so. But now I find myself seeking out the local Vinnies or Salvos whenever the opportunity arises.

Ever since Marian and Loani introduced me to the fun of tea cosies, I’ve been seeking out these vintage treasures. Here’s a few I’ve picked up in the last couple of weeks:



A lovely little knitted and crocheted number in two shades of sunny yellow. The body of the cosy is knitted and it has lighter yellow wavy lines of crochet.


A colourful knitted cosy with a pompom decoration.


A demure little number in beige and forest green crochet. Sorry, beige was the best I could come up with to describe this colour; not ecru, not champagne, not oyster – it really is beige!


So since I’ve decided to start salvaging these little fantasies that someone’s granny lovingly crocheted, I’ve suddenly found myself with a dearth of teapots. So what better place to stock up on teapots than the local op shop! Here’s a couple I picked up at my local Vinnies. The little one is so sweet – just large enough for one cup of tea. I’m going to make a little cosy for him. The large pot, alas, was hit with the ugly stick something badly. I think it looks a lot better dressed in this colourful crocheted chevron cosy:


What do you seek out in the depths of the op shop?

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