Vintage Thingies Thursday….kitchen utensils and more

Hi and welcome to another Vintage Thingies Thursday hosted by Suzanne over at Coloradolady blog.

I love old cooking utensils – I don’t have many, but I can see that these could easily become addictive to collect.  The first three in the pic belong to my mum. I can picture coming home from school in the 60s and my grandmother pounding the meat to make schnitzels with that meat tenderiser! I picked up the lovely old egg beaters at a local op shop yesterday for $8.50.

Lovely old scales, rusty metal and faded red plastic. The 1950s cloth was also an Oppie find – I paid a whole $2 for it!

Not really a utensil, but how could I resist showing you my mum’s 1950s lazy susan. It’s missing the bowl in the centre, but otherwise in pretty good nick – I just love the colours. I remember we had a set of plates and bowls to match (if you can call un-matched colours a match). I was so happy to find this in her cupboard.

And lastly , well I couldn’t resist buying this for $2 at the local Oppie – it’s such a giggle. Any guesses to what it could be? I first thought it was a garlic press, but no….

It comes apart into two pieces…..

But what really made me buy it was the explanation printed on one side.

“Distinctive” party ice crusher, complete with its own built-in ‘ice spoon’ (which I’ve only just noticed!)  Hmmm…. small party, or do you buy one for each guest so they can crush their own? Maybe a job for the kids?  Or maybe you start crushing a week in advance?  Certainly different from the one built into my fridge door!

Have a great week!

Family Treasures, part 3…. hand-painted glassware

Hi And welcome to another Vintage Thingies Thursday.

I found these lovely hand-painted items in my mum’s cupboard. I love finding these treasures that have been tucked away for years. Of course, they brought back memories of my childhood growing up in, what was then, the outskirts of Sydney, NSW.

This lovely jug has 6 matching glasses. The glass is so thin, its a wonder its lasted 50+ years intact. Mum must have brought them to Australia when she moved here from Austria in the late 1940’s. The white flowers are probably edelweiss.


How’s this for a lovely vase; its about 8″ high and 6″ across, or 20 x 15 cm if you live in Australia! I thought it was a transfer, but on closer inspection it’s hand painted. The cloth in the background is all hand embroidered – see here for more.


Another jug and matching glasses, hand-painted with a grapevine motif. I love the autumn colours.


Happy VTT; visit Suzanne at Coloradolady to see who else is playing.

Family Treasures, part 2… card boxes

Hi, and welcome to another Vintage Thingies Thursday, hosted by Suzanne at Coloradolady.

This week I’d like to share my collection of vintage boxes/baskets made with vintage greeting cards and wallpaper.

These two lovely boxes are embellished with lace and ribbons:

A friend of mine was about to throw out this shopping bag that belonged to an auntie. It now holds a small portion of my vintage lace and braid collection.

These two letter holders are both made from wallpaper, the first has floral embellishments. Both picked up at the local op shops.

I love this hexagonal basket with its rosy embellishments . It’s just the right size for a knitting project or two.

Please see my previous post for more vintage lovelies.

Vintage Thingies Thursday – vintage belt buckles…

Hi and welcome to another Vintage Thingies Thursday. This week I’m strutting some of my collection of vintage belt buckles. The first one is made of bakelite and has three coloured bakelite spheres, like traffic lights. The second is reverse-carved applejuice bakelite, with the carving highlighted in red paint.

tr lght bak webappj red buckle web

A little number from the 1940s,  and an amazing celluloid buckle that has been cut and draped after the surface was painted bright pink!

cranb clasp webpink cell bow buck web

A so-Deco celluloid buckle in shades of red/orange and a gorgeous red and cream buffed celluloid buckle.

P1010002red buff cell web

More beautiful celluloids – the first is a marbled chequerboard design with lots of bright colours set against black. The second has been made to look like jade.

P1010011green cell buck web

A beautiful ‘cupid’s bow’ bakelite buckle, and a Czech glass buckle with silver lustre.


I wonder what kind of dresses these adorned when they were first put to work. They’re certainly a lot more interesting than most of the buckles that are around today!

For more VTT fun, visit Coloradolady! vtt

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Vintage Thingies Thursday – vintage pearl button cards

Hi, and welcome to another Vintage Thingies Thursday, hosted by Colorodolady.

Continuing on the theme of my last two VTT posts,  I ‘d like to share some of my pearl button cards.

These lovelies date back to around 1920’s – 30’s.

pearl6 MOP card pearl4 pearl3

Beautiful cards of dyed shell buttons. I think these would lovely framed and hung together as a set:

yelprl red shell

grprl blprl

The graphics are so elegant!

prl9 mermaidprl prl3

The lovely lady series, including a Hawaiian theme!

redlady sq shell grprls

MOP 3 ladyprl4 ladypearl

Babies and children:

babypearl pearl8 Mop 2

Some dyed emerald green buttons for your man’s shirt??

And some uniform buttons. Does that doctor look suspiciously like Clark Kent?

manprl docnur

dn2 nurse

Thanks for dropping by!

Pop over to  Colorodolady for more VTT fun!

Vintage Thingies Thursday – bakelite buttons

Some of you may know that I have a penchant for bakelite.  I’d like to share some of the vintage bakelite coat buttons I’ve been collecting over the last few years. These are all BIG buttons, mostly black or brown, but they have the most beautiful decorations, often in the form of escutcheons.

These two beauties have glass centres, the first is silver lustred.

b +glass2 b + redglass

These two have brass filigree work and amber glass faceted centres. The third is tortoiseshell bakelite with a carved chocolate bakelite centre. The fourth is marbled bakelite with a brass rose escutcheon.

b = amber b + amberb + b P1010046_edited

These next four have filigree or lacy metal escutcheons. Don’t you just love the shape of that last one?

b + swirl b + filigree

b + 2metal b marquis

A beautiful black and applejuice laminated button, with reverse carving on the applejuice portion. And a carved beauty in marbled browns.

lam bk carve bk

So head on over to Coloradolady’s blog for more VTT treasures!

Vintage Thingies Thursday – vintage button cards

Hi everyone! It’s been quite a while since I posted on VTT. I’ve been sick but am on the mend, so what better way to cheer up than with these lovely old cards of buttons!

White casein triangles c.1930s, and casein buttons for little girls?

triangle girl

Lovely red buttons on a very deco card


How lovely are these blue and green flowers?

blufls grapes

And those yummy celluloid grapes!

Cowboys…cowboy  arrows


 Beautiful bakelite – I looooove bakelite!


Love these ‘cool’ vintage graphics…

blsh bur shirt

Pristine cards of 1950s buttons that I bought off a lady whose mum and grandma used to sew these buttons on to cards in the evenings  for extra income for the family

50srose  FB 012 FB 020

And even Barbie gets a mention… I guess she’s vintage too!


These are only a very few of my collection of vintage button cards. I look forward to sharing more of them with you another VTT.


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Vintage Thingies Thursday…. vintage canisters

Welcome to another VTT hosted by Coloradolady!

So yesterday I took a little drive up the road from work and found a collectibles store that I haven’t visited in ages.  It mostly sold old books, but there were a few other bits and pieces hiding around the place.  Like these:


My mum had a set of these back in the 1960’s (I guess everybody’s mum did!). Unfortunately there’s only one lid, so now I’m 0n the lookout for spare lids! These great canisters are Nally ware, a company that made moulded phenol/formaldehyde plastic (nasty, nasty stuff!!) in Sydney c. 1923 – 1942.

And they also match my vintage buttons:


Sitting right next to them on the shelf I found these:


Two fabulous art deco style canisters made by Bristol, again in cream and red – don’t you just love those colours together! Two canisters, four lids. The extra lids don’t fit the other canisters. So now I’m looking for someone who needs lids for their Bristol canisters.

The set of bakelite measuring cups in the foreground were another find from a few weeks ago. Each one a different colour, and they all nest together!

And the local church fete last weekend had this for $1.


I know the box is broken, but there are so many needles inside, including the thinnest needles I’ve ever seen, less than 2mm.

Needless to say they have all found a new home at my place!

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Vintage Thingies Thursday … vintage meat safe…

Last weekend I took a drive up the mountains and found an antique shopped tucked away in a little road off the highway.  It was full of beautiful vintage sewing paraphernalia, some lovely antique smocked children’s dresses, and some of the loveliest china I’ve seen in a while.

It also had this:


It doesn’t have it anymore.  How could I walk past this beauty and not buy it? It still has the ant-capping on the feet.

I just love the cream and green colours so typical of the period.  It kind of matches my canisters, previously featured on VTT. 


It also matches some of my vintage buttons, which is always a good thing. I mean, how many people can say that they have a meat safe that matches their buttons???

endofday green-buffed


I’m going to hang it on my back verandah, but I don’t think I’ll keep meat in it. I value my digestive system too much for that. But I bet it’ll be great for drying fruit and herbs.

Check out more Vintage Thingies goodness at Coloradolady’s blog!

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Vintage Thingies Thursday… Old Buttons….

From time to time people contact me to see if I’m interested in buying their old buttons. Recently I was contacted by a lovely lady whose father owned a drapery store in Sydney in the 1940s. She had inherited the buttons when the store closed down, and has had them tucked away for the last 60 years or so. Evidently her father had catalogued them by attaching them to the back of advertising signs:




There’s lots of lovely interesting old plastic buttons, some very funky 2-piece spotty plastics, and a fair bit of Czech glass. There was also about  a dozen old Sylko thread boxes and these interesting rolls of old fisheye buttons, attached to double-sided tape so the quantity could easily be snipped off. 


So I came home with lots of vintage treasures.

I just wanted to share a couple of pics from my walk around the garden the other evening, white plumbago and snail creeper:



I just love the sculptural flowers of snail creeper – its grown right up into the melaleuca tree and has formed a liane so thick I think I could swing on it like Tarzan … or Jane!


For more Vintage Thingies Thursday visit Coloradolady’s blog!