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Hi everyone. Hope you had a great Christmas / New Year break. It’s funny how you can cope with having a heap of things ‘on your plate’ throughout the year, but as soon as the holidays come, everything falls to pieces. That’s kind of what happened to me over the last few weeks. I did a little crash and burn as soon as I went on hols, and blogging was just too much trouble for a few weeks. Thanks to all who wrote and asked if I was OK – yes, just renewing my energy!

Anyhoo, I did make time for some serious op-shopping, and found myself coming home with some seriously great vintage and retro fabric:



This is the most wonderful retro curtain – must be at least 14 usable metres of fabric in it!

p1010082 p1010080

Vintage polished cotton and strawcloth.

And some other goodies:


And I’ve been prompted to go back to a vocation I had many years ago – I used to be dressmaker. I had my own business for about 10 years, but as soon as I started making wedding / bridesmaids dresses, I got so bored with making the same things over and over again.  So I changed careers, but I’ve always got a bit of a sewing bug laying dormant, waiting for the right project to come along. I made a few quilts when my kids were little (might write a post about that one day), but now I’m into upcycling. It’s amazing how much great fabric you can find in a curtain, sheet or tablecloth! So I bought some great old apron patterns from the 1940s and 50s, and I’ve been sewing up a storm:


A cute little 1950s flared number in vintage polished cotton.


A petal apron from some quilting fabric leftovers.


A fab little 1950s circular number – lime green check with that huge black rick rack. The check used to be a cot valance.


A very retro yellow/orange/brown apron with acid yellow rick rack – this used to be a curtain.


And a more demure style, again an ex-curtain.

I’m going to add some vintage buttons for a bit of extra oomph. I’ve also got lots more ideas for re-purposing napkins, doilies, cloths etc. Just need to keep going with the old sewing machine!

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Vintage Thingies Thursday, 4…

This week’s vintage thingies Thursday is a bit of a mixed bag.

This is a gorgeous little Victorian era chainmaille change purse that I picked up at an antique fair last year.  It’s the sweetest little thing – a nice old age patina to it.

I found these vintage hair curlers (flapper wave clips) in a secondhand shop; the bloke gave them to me along with my other purchases. As soon as i saw them I had this feeling of nostalgia, remembering how my grandmother used to use them in her hair. She’d sleep with them on, her head covered in a sheer scarf. They took me back to the house I grew up in, with its high moulded ceilings that looked like a wedding cake, and the beautiful garden my mum and dad spent much of their spare time working on. Such a lovely diversion…..

The third thingy is a vase that I grew up with, and that my mum gave to me a few years back. I always loved those big glazed pansies and the simple, clean lines of this vase. It’s such a sensible shape, and is the only large vase I own, so it comes in handy when spring flowers are in bloom.


Spring has just arrived in Australia, and I’m so looking forward to the warmer weather and more hours of daylight.

Thanks to Confessions of an apron queen for VTT!

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Op shop finds

I know a lovely lady who works for a charity shop. She found my stall at a vintage fair and she had brought some buttons along to try and sell them. I was so busy that she left them with me to take home and have a look through. I bought the whole lot! That was 2 years ago, and I told her that I’d buy any buttons that come her way. So now I regularly receive a 3kg parcel in the mail. This is some of the goodies that awaited me last week:


Look at that lovely handpainted wooden buckle!

Look at that lovely handpainted wooden buckle!

This one I could probably live without….. it’s a buckle, and rather heavy:
Thanks Julie!
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